Breathtaking lakes in Canada

Peyto Lake is one of the most Breathtaking lakes in Canada ... photo by CC user Tobi 87 on wikimedia

You would perhaps be shocked to discover that Canada is home to more than three million lakes; after all, that number is almost incomprehensible to some. While almost too impressive to be true, that little-known fact is indeed accurate, and they are some of the most striking, inviting, and inspiring lakes to be found in the world. Come and explore the most breathtaking lakes in Canada with us.

From Garibaldi, to Superior via Ontario, and back again

Did you know that there is more than one type of lake? Canada alone is home to so many types of lake that it can be a little hard to keep track of; from glacial and alpine lakes, to boreal and crater lakes, you may find that choosing your next vacation is a little more complicated than simply selecting a lakeside venue.

Whether you are an adrenaline junkie hoping to kayak, canoe, or swim your way into adventure, or a more serene, outdoorsy, type that simply wants to enjoy the beauty of the great lakes, there is no end to Canada’s watery charm.

Garibaldi Lake, for example, which is located in British Columbia, offers some of the best hiking and canoeing to be found anywhere in the country, while Lake Ontario, which borders New York and, unsurprisingly, Ontario, is home to a more gentile approach to boating and fishing.

Trekkers will fall in love with the rugged landscape of Great Bear Lake, which is located in Canada’s Northwest Territories, while thrill seekers will appreciate the hiking and biking trails of Alberta’s Lake Moraine.

One thing that all Canadian lakes share, though, is their stunning landscape; you are certain to marvel at the eco systems that have thrived for thousands of years, and relish the numerous activities available to partake in.

Lake locations for your next Canadian vacation

One of the best ways to make the most of your lake vacation is to put your trust in an outdoor adventure specialist such as Outdoor Traveler, particularly if you have never ventured into the cool, crystal waters of Canada before. Offering an array of lodges, campsites, hotels and resorts, Outdoor Traveler will help you to make the most of your Canadian vacation. It is just as well; as you will be far too busy having your breath taken away to ponder over what you will be doing next.

Renowned for its stunning landscape, inspiring lake scenery, and plethora of available activities, Canada is the perfect destination for your next adventure. Be sure to add a stop at any of Canada’s wonderful lakes and experience the beauty for yourself.

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