The World’s Most Expensive Destinations

The Swiss Alps are one of the world's most expensive destinations

Living in the lap of luxury, every whim catered for by an army of servants, sipping champagne and whisky in gold-plated, diamond-laced crystal glasses. Now we’re pretty sure that those are rather over the top examples of luxury, V.I.P living, however let’s be honest, many of us aren’t going to see, within the confines of our lifetimes, the most expensive the world has to offer, and that’s fine!

Living cheaply doesn’t mean one has to miss out of the best destinations, and indeed regular readers will know that often the most inexpensive vacation can be the most fulfilling. One does wonder, though; which are the most expensive destinations in the world? What makes them so exclusive?

Las Vegas, USA

Come on, we all knew this Nevandan destination would be high up the list, but when one takes a look at Vegas nightclub Drai’s nightclubbing deals, the excess begins to appear slightly ridiculous.

For $737,000 (your eyes don’t deceive you) you and fifty friends can fly into Vegas on a private Boeing 737, enjoy an oddly precise, 210 second long fireworks display, stay in five star accommodation and consume a boatload of champagne. If you can’t stomach that kind of excess, click here for Europalace casino games; they’re fun, exciting and won’t require you to cruise at 30,000 feet!

Musha Cay, Bahamas 

One of the outer islands of the Exumas, Musha Cay is an incredibly beautiful, adamantine-sanded private island haven. With accommodation for 24 guests, spread out over five guesthouses, the entire island must be booked in full (you choose the guests!), prices starting at $37,500 for 12 guests full board. The best bit: you can choose an add-on that allows you and friends to go on a treasure hunt!

London, United Kingdom 

As one of the world’s largest and most-renowned cities, London is a very expensive city to live, and even more to vacation in. Enjoying New Year’s Eve celebrations in London is more expensive that in Paris and New York, alcohol and food being prohibitively expensive. London’s most expensive hotel suite, located at the Lanesborough Hotel, costs £8000 per night, though judging by the pictures, seems rather overpriced for the decor.


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