Where to Watch the World Cup

There are many excellent places across Europe where you can watch the World Cup this summer with enthused locals!

The 2010 World Cup was watched by as many as 3.2billion people, that’s nearly one in two of the earth’s inhabitants watching the football. The 2014 World Cup in Brazil is expected to eclipse the record viewing figures of 2010. This summer the World Cup is unavoidable.

Most of us would like to go to Brazil and watch the action first-hand but the financial costs are too much for most of us. However, that doesn’t mean we cannot experience the brilliance of the World Cup, there are numerous cheaper alternatives to Brazil that can still give you an unbelievable experience.


Germany’s second largest city and the country’s undisputed party capital, Hamburg is one of the best places to be watching the football. Expect most of the 1.8million population to be out in the streets and in the bars cheering on Germany, who are third favourites with Betfair, creating an electric atmosphere in the city.

Hamburg is already a favourite with stag parties and is well versed in tourism, over 170,000 Brits flock there every year, and you can bet they will put things on to make this World Cup extra-special. Whilst you are there you can check out Reeperbahn, which is not only Europe’s largest red light district but also the location where the Beatles first got their break.

One of the best cities in Europe and without doubt one of the best places to watch the World Cup. A weekend excursion should not cost much more than £300 including flights.


The Croatian capital is probably one of the cheaper places to watch the World Cup. Although the country has joined the EU it is yet to adopt the Euro, instead sticking with the Kuna. With £1 getting you 9.24 Croatian Kuna you get plenty for your money.

Whilst bookmakers such as Betfair don’t give the small country a chance for World Cup success it shouldn’t dampen the Croat spirits. Expect them to be littering every nook and cranny of Zagreb cheering on their country and you cannot just absorb the atmosphere but you can also buy about four pints for a fiver, you cannot go wrong.


Although we all want to escape Britain in the summer, Blighty is probably the best place to watch the football and Manchester is one of the best cities to do so. In 2010 they transformed Castlefield into a 15,000 fan amphitheatre, packing it with patriotic English fans singing to their hearts content regardless of our chances with Betfair, it has yet to be confirmed for this year but if it is then it is absolutely awesome.

If not, there are numerous bars and large televisions dotted all over the city. You will meet likeminded England fans and enjoy the camaraderie that supporting England gives to you.

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