Top Tourist Attractions In Vienna

The top tourist attractions in Vienna bring in more tourists every year. From an old picturesque city, Vienna is quickly transitioning to become a major tourist hub. It is mainly a destination for sightseeing though the city is also known for its active nightlife and cuisine. Listed below are the five most visited tourist sites in Vienna, Austria.

Hofburg Palace

Hofburg Palace

5. Hofburg Palace

Some of the most powerful people in Austrian and European history called it home. The Habsburg dynasty who ruled the Austro-Hungarian Empire lived here as well although it was mainly their summer residence. Today, the Hofburg Palace is the official home of the President of Austria.

4. Albertina

The museum features one of the biggest and most important print rooms on earth. The print room inside Albertina houses nearly 65,000 drawings, a million old master prints, and some modern photographs, architectural sketches, and graphics. Recently, the museum acquired collections of Impressionist and 20th century art. Albertina is one of the top tourist attractions in Vienna for people fond of art.

3. Wiener Riesenrad

The gigantic Ferris wheel is an iconic landmark in Vienna, located at the entryway of the Prater amusement park. It is the symbol of Leopoldstadt, the district in which it belongs to, as well as the rest of Vienna city. Wiener Riesenrad was erected on 1897.  It used to have 30 gondolas but it was badly damaged during World War II. Later, only 15 of the 30 gondolas were replaced.

Wiener Riesenrad

Wiener Riesenrad

2. Schönbrunn Zoo

The famous zoo is inside the Schönbrunn Palace, hence its name. It started out as an imperial menagerie before becoming publicly available. Completed in 1752, it is now the world’s oldest zoo and one of the top tourist attractions in Vienna.

1. Schönbrunn Palace

The palace was formerly the summer residence of the Habsburg dynasty. It has been popular among tourists since the 1960s. Schönbrunn Palace consists of more than 1,400 rooms and boasts Rococo or late Baroque architectural style.


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