Top Tourist Attractions In San Marino

The top tourist attractions in San Marino, ask and the appeal that they exude among avid travelers, is motivated by the fact that it is an independent state within Italy. Just like Vatican City, people outside the Mediterranean region would definitely be caught in curiosity regarding the lands grounds for independence. San Marino is more than just a small state landlocked by Italy. It is an embodiment of how a huge majority of the Italian people embrace the idea of liberty, as espoused by epic historical icons like Leonardo Da Vinci and Christopher Columbus. This microstate has proven to some elite travelers that it has a lot of things to give splendid memories for the modern freedom-loving nomads.

The Guaita, one of the Three Towers of San Marino

The Guaita, one of the Three Towers of San Marino

1. The Three Towers of San Marino

The Three Towers of San Marino is the chief attraction among the top tourist attractions in San Marino. The Guaita is the first of these citadels built around the 11th Century AD, where in history it once served as a jail. The Cesta is the second tower built around the 13th Century AD, where the posthumous museum of St. Marinus was established in 1956. The Montale is the third smallest tower built around the 14th Century AD. Unlike the former two citadels, the latter one is not open for public.

2. Palazzo Pubblico

The Palazzo Pubblico is a very interesting structure. It is one of the fewest public buildings used today as a functioning seat of government despite its very original 15th Century Gothic-Tuscan hybrid architecture. Public officials actually working in an archaic castle design instead of a conventional building cannot help but draw the attention of amused tourists.

3. The Grand Prix Circuit

San Marino is famous for holding the annual Grand Prix racing event. The flamboyance of this motor sports celebration and the contagious enthusiasm of both locals and tourist patrons alike have caught the interest of the media. The San Marino Grand Prix is the alluded recurring theme of the famous Pixar animation movie Cars 2.

4. St. Francis Museum

The St. Francis Museum is one of the top tourist attractions in San Marino visited by many Catholic academics and literati travelers on vacation. Originally, it is a Franciscan monastery built around the 14th Century by renowned artisans called Comacine masters. A sizable collection of paintings are hung on the museum walls. Many of these paintings are done by a famous local artist named Emilio Ambron.

5. Museo delle Curiosita

If St. Francis Museum is visited mostly by serious academic tourists, then the Museo delle Curiosita is almost an offensive anathema to the immaculate theme of the Franciscan museum. Here one can find rare antiques and collections. Many of these pieces either subtly describe an unorthodox version of a mainstream historical account. The latest wackiest display was a wax statue of American President Barrack Obama strangled by an anonymous Italian statesman.

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