Top Tourist Attractions In Portugal

The top tourist attractions in Portugal are not only appreciated by people who have a deep-seated fascination with the Age of Exploration. These attractions also draw tourists who are captivated by the romantic spirit of the Iberian people and their culture. Portugal may be historically overshadowed by Spain in terms of historical and cultural supremacy, but the Portuguese also suffer less of the modern criticism about Hispanic history. One can safely assume that Portugal is the cooler and less stereotyped between the Iberian nations. Nonetheless, despite the trivial rivalry between Portugal and Spain, the former country has many memories to embed on avid travelers who wish to fall in love in its unique splendor.

Lisbon's port, one of the largest and most important ports in Europe.

Lisbon’s port, one of the largest and most important ports in Europe.

1. Lisbon City

Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal and the most popular top tourist attractions in Portugal who sought a genuine Iberian flavor of urban life. It is the only European capital located at the coasts. Therefore, one can expect the superb aesthetic value of the metropolis overlooking the vast Atlantic Ocean westward. Obviously, Lisbon has a rich history and the extent of the transition that this settlement has gone through is more or less monumental. Daytime touring and nightlife in Lisbon can be one of the best vacations any person can have.

2. Evora

Evora is colloquially dubbed as a “museum town” due to the overabundance of preserved structures dating back a few hundreds and thousands of years. In Evora, one can find the famous landmark called the Temple of Diana dating back as far as the 1st Century AD. Several Renaissance Era structures can be found in the town as well, including the oldest known Jesuit University built in 1559. The most fascinating ruins that will bedazzle the scholarly tourists is that of the Cromlech of Almendres, also known as the Portuguese Stonehenge. Archeologists traced its existence as far as 4000 BC.

3. Porto

This coastal city in Portugal is famous for its genuine “Port Wine” and was also the birthplace of the famous monarch Prince Henry the Navigator. Although this metropolis was overshadowed by Lisbon before, now it is a very famous destination in the list of top tourist attractions in Portugal. Porto recently has direct flights to New York, testament of how fast its local tourism industry grows. Nightlife in Porto is never dull. There is nothing that a leisure walkabout along the brightly lit parks after a glass or two of Port Wine could satisfy a lonely spirit.

4. Tomar

This city is colloquially dubbed as “the home of the knights”, and a perfect place for male tourist to go celebrate the spirit of chivalry. In Tomar lies the famous headquarters of one of the most powerful military orders in the entire Christendom – the Knights of Templar. The most significant structure in Portugal during the medieval times, the Covenant of Christ, is also found here in Tomar. Despite the spirit of Christian strength, this is also home to many Jewish people in the country. 

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