Top Tourist Attractions In Northern Ireland

Every place has its own unique places to boast but if you happen to come across United Kingdom, the top tourist attractions in Northern Ireland should be in the list of your top options. Northern Ireland (a.k.a.The Troubles) is among the four countries that comprise United Kingdom. Though it used to be a place filled with ethno-political conflicts, The Troubles was put to an end through a successful peace process which paved the way for the cessation of hostilities among many paramilitary organizations. Currently, Northern Ireland has been visited for its well-preserved inspirational landmarks, rich history and captivating tourist spots.

The Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland

The Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

One of the most-visited top tourist attractions in Northern Ireland is the Giant’s Causeaway. It is the only UNESCO World Heritage Site in Northern Ireland. The Giant’s Causeaway is well-known for the natural beauty exuded by its hexagonal pillars of encrusted basalt rocks created from the volcanic explosion over 60 million years ago.  The name of the Giant’s Causeway was derived from the mighty giant of the famous ancient myth which initially attributed the shapes of the hexagonal columns from the engraved footsteps of the almighty giant Finn McCool. Recently, the Giant’s Causeway Visitor Centre is run by a power-efficient infrastructure which displays a grass roof that gives a cool access to a wide array of Sea birds and plant species in the shorelines and nearby rock formations surrounding Causeway. Examples of the wildlife class you can witness are petrel, fulmar, shag, cormorant, redshank guillemot, hare’s foot trefoil, vernal squill and sea spleenwort. Discover the dynamic activities with an inventive approach to assist you in improving your journey of Northern Ireland’s rich history, culture and biodiversity.

Mussenden Temple is another must-visit attraction in Northern Ireland. It was built in 1785 as a part of Frederick Augustus Hervey’s property. The temple is situated in the fine-looking setting of Downhill Demesne and spectacularly lies on a 36 meter cliff featuring an awe-inspiring view of the overlooking beaches. Basically the temple’s picturesque ambience won the hearts of tourists and is actually one of the most photographed landmarks in Northern Ireland.

If being spellbound by colourful gardens, diverse forest parks and panoramic sceneries tickles your fancy then Carnfunnock Country Park is a perfect stop by for you. Carnfunnock Country Park encompasses an area of 191 hectares of walled gardens, trekking trails and an impressive coastline, with views of landscapes from the North Channel and Antrim Coast.
Its outdoor games, touring convoys, golf course, maze outlining the contour of Northern Ireland and picnic areas surely makes Carnfunnock Park a blissful escapade for all ages.

Among the other top tourist attractions in Northern Ireland which you might also find worthy visiting are Rathlin Island, Joey and Robert Dunlop Memorial Gardens, Slemish Mountain, Roe Valley Country Park, The Old Bushmills Distillery and the Glenariff Forest Park.

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