Top Tourist Attractions In Montenegro

The top tourist attractions in Montenegro are definitely worth visiting now that the country has been named by Lonely Planet as one of the best places to visit in 2013. They call it an “emerging superstar with wild beauty” due to its rugged yet accessible nature spots. Following is a list of the best tourist spots in Montenegro.

#1: Kotor

The historic city has been inhabited since ancient Roman times and is now the most important city in Boka Kotorska. Ancient Rome had left their mark on the city, leaving behind remarkable architecture. An example of which is the Cathedral of St. Trifun. Built in 1166, it is a fine example of Roman architecture. Other historical landmarks from ancient Roman and Venetian times can be found in the Old Town of Kotor which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Gulf of Kotor.

Gulf of Kotor.

#2: Perast

The small town is the oldest settlement in Boka Kotorska and one of the oldest in the Adriatic. There are 19 Baroque-style palaces in Perast and all of which are sights-to-see. Besides these palaces, the area around town is filled with historical landmarks.

#3: Mirište and Žanjica

These stunning inlets are among the top tourist attractions in Montenegro. Tourists frequent Mirište and Žanjica for their open beaches, ancient olive trees, and unhampered views of the sea and sun. Mirište is a small beach capable of holding 200 people at a time. Žanjica beach is much bigger and can accommodate 1000 people. It is characterized by a shoreline dotted with large white pebbles.

#4: Zabljak

The city is perched on the highest peak of the Balkan region. It is a year-round destination which offers a variety of sights and activities for ecotourists and adventurers alike. Located nearby is the Durmitor National Park with 18 glacial lakes collectively known as “Mountain eyes”. The most impressive of all is Black Lake. Canyon of Tara River is also near the high altitude town. It is the largest European canyon and the second largest in the world. Another must-see is Bobotov Kuk, a 2,523-meter mountain. Bobotov Kuk is the highest peak of the Durmitor Mountain Range.

#5: Lovćen

The region overlooks the Adriatic region and is home to Cetinje, Montenegro’s old capital. There are several notable sights here but Lovćen National Park is one of the top tourist attractions in Montenegro. The national park is host to Njeguši village where homes dating back to the Petrović dynasty are located. Local species of plants thrive in Lovćen including one third of the total plant species in Montenegro. Lovćen serpentines are also unique attractions in this region.


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