Top Tourist Attractions In Liechtenstein

Most people tend to overlook the top tourist attractions in Liechtenstein in favor of Austria and Switzerland. The two are more popular destinations after all. What they don’t realize is that Liechtenstein combines the best of both worlds. Following is a list of the best places to see in Liechtenstein.

1. Gutenberg Castle. The castle may be one of the many historic estates found all over the country but it’s certainly a standout. The 1,562-ft structure dominates Balzers. There are two chapels in Gutenberg Castle: Mariahilf Church and Saint Peter Chapel. It also houses a museum with some artifacts and artworks on display.

The castle of Gutenberg in Balzers

The castle of Gutenberg in Balzers

2. Wildschloss. The ancient tower is found in Vaduz in the midst of lodges, restaurants, and souvenir shops. What’s left of it today is a 2,756-ft ruin.

3. Planken. The natural terrace is one of the most beautiful sights and top tourist attractions in Liechtenstein. It offers breathtaking views of Rhine Valley and the Swiss Alps. Among the things you can do in Planken are hiking and climbing.

4. Falknerie. Also known as the Galina Falconry, it provides guests with the opportunity to encounter birds of prey including eagles, eagle owls, falcons, and hawks at a close distance. The falconer will also put on a flight show of these birds. It opens daily from mid-May to late October except on Mondays. You can find it in Triesenberg-Malbun.

5. Prince Liechtenstein’s Wine Cellars. Known locally as Hofkellerei des Fursten von Liechtenstein, it offers the best wine-tasting opportunities in the country. Attendants are very welcoming and you get to choose from a selection of award-winning wines. The vineyard around these cellars have signs set up so you can learn the differences between varieties of grape vines. Open from Mondays through Saturdays, you can find them at Vaduz.

6. Malbun Ski Resort. The ski resort has terrain suitable for a wide range of expertise. Beginners and advance practitioners alike will find a spot for themselves in this premier ski resort. Cross-country courses are also available in Malbun and if you want to take classes, you can do that too. Both skiing and snowboarding are possible in the area along with hiking and mountain climbing. Buses travel to the Malbun Ski Resort every day, all day. It is one of the top tourist attractions in Liechtenstein.


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