Top Tourist Attractions In Albania

Archeological remnants of Illyrians, Greeks, Romans, and Ottomans are included in the top tourist attractions in Albaniabut there are other interesting places worth exploring here. Dubbed as the “New Mediterranean Love” by Eliza Dushku, an American actress with Albanian origin, the country also boasts unspoiled beaches, stunning mountains, great food, unique practices, a wild countryside, and an interesting history.

1. National History of Museum of Tirana

Situated in Skanderberg Square, it is the largest museum in Albania and one of its top attractions. It hosts a variety of exhibits divided into the country’s different historic periods. You can buy souvenirs near the exit which are cheaper than those sold in souvenir shops.

Llogara pass, Albania

Llogara pass, Albania

2. Llogara National Park

It covers 1,000 hectares of scenic mountains southeast of Vlora. It is a great place to admire the Llogara Pass and the Ionian Sea. Hundreds of species of animals and plants thrive in the area. The fresh mountain air will further intoxicate you with its beauty. You can enjoy picnics, go hiking, and embark on air sports in the park.

3. Lake Skadar

As the largest lake in the Balkan region, it’s one of the top tourist attractions in Albania. Lake Skadar is best known for the diverse flora and fauna of its surroundings. Fishing villages and peaceful beaches also surround the lake.

4. Amphitheatre in Durres

The ancient Roman amphitheatre in Dures dates back to 2nd century BC. Capable of holding 20,000 people at one time, it’s one of the biggest amphitheatres in the Balkan countries and one of the largest ancient monuments of all time. The structure was originally a theatre but was later transformed into an amphitheatre, thus becoming a venue for animal and gladiator fights.

Coast of Ksamil

Coast of Ksamil

5. Ksamil Islands

The scenic islands are remote destinations which can only be accessed by boat. There are a few nice restaurants scattered in its four islands but other than that, they have a romantic atmosphere altogether. Steep hills and a fresh breeze will greet you upon your arrival in Ksamil Islands. Surely, they are some of the top tourist attractions in Albania.


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