Top Tourist Attractions In Hungary

Going to Hungary may not have crossed your mind, medical but the top tourist attractions in Hungary may make you reconsider your options this coming holidays.  Landlocked in Central Europe, Hungary shares borders with Serbia, Romania, Croatia and Austria.

Buda Castle, Hungary

Buda Castle, Hungary

Hungary makes up for its small size with awe-inspiring landmarks and scenic views of lakes, rivers and mountains.  As a matter of fact, some of Hungary’s historical landmarks are now UNESCO World Heritage sites.  In addition, its capital city, Budapest, has one of the liveliest nightlife in the whole of Europe.

Here are some of the top tourist attractions in Hungary:

Buda Castle

Located in the Hungary’s capital, Budapest, the Buda Castle is declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Finished in 1265, the Baroque style Buda Castle was the residence of the reigning Hungarian kings.  Today, it houses the Budapest History Museum and the Hungarian National Gallery.

Within its compound is the 9th Century Matthias Church, the second biggest church in Budapest.  Highlights of the Matthias Church include the Ecclesiastical Art Museum, which exhibits a host of religious relics.

Lake Balaton

Also known as the Hungarian sea, this freshwater lake is the largest lake in Central Europe with Zala river as its contributory and Sio canal as its outflow.  Lake Batalon is one of the top tourist attractions in Hungary, with a picturesque scenery of mountains and vineyards up the north shore and resort towns in the southern shore.

In Lake Balaton, you can enjoy various water sports and activities.

Hungary Parliament Building

Just over a hundred years old, the Hungary Parliament Building is the seat of the National Assembly of Hungary.  It features a Neo-Gothic architecture with a hint of Renaissance and Baroque characters.  You can take a guided tour inside and around the Hungary Parliament Building when there’s no National Assembly in session.

Otherwise, taking a Danube Cruise or viewing the Hungary Parliament Building from across the river can nonetheless, give you a magnificent view of the Parliament Building’s awe-inspiring architecture.

Caves of Aggtelek and Slovac Karst

Also another UNESCO World Heritage Site, The Caves of Aggtelek and Slovac Karst have about a total of 712 caves in its cave system.  It also features the highest stalagmite in the world, and an ice-filled abyss, which is a truly remarkable phenomenon, considering that the cave is above sea level.

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