Top Tourist Attractions In Germany

Neuschwanstein Palace is one of the Top Tourist Attractions In Germany...!

Though the top tourist attractions in Germany may not be as famous compared to its other neighbouring countries such as Poland, see Austria and France; at present, sales it is actually one of the noteworthy vacation spots to experience in Europe. Nestled at the core of Europe, dosage Germany boasts of several extraordinary sightseeing attractions to feature especially that of their state-of-the-art architectural designs which are undeniably breathtaking.

One of the top tourist attractions in Germany can actually be found in Cologne which is the well known majestic prehistoric Cologne Cathedral. The colossal ancient Cathedral of Cologne is deemed to be among Germany’s most significant heritage landmarks and the 3rd tallest cathedral in the entire world. The grandiose structure which was patterned out of the Gothic work of art took more than 600 years to create and was only completed around the year 1880.

Also during the peak of attacks in World War II, the Cathedral of Cologne was the only infrastructure that withstood the strong force of destruction. Opt to take one of the spectacular river cruises available for a unique perspective on the city.

Dresden is also a must visit city in Germany owing to its well-preserved baroque-style structures outlining the city. Apart from that, its ancient structures as well as it splendid palaces appear safe-guarded are conducive for strolling and taking photographs.

If you’re a big fan of enchanted tales, then the Neuschwanstein Palace may actually embody your wildest imaginations of your ideal palace. Neuschwantein Palace is situated close to the city of Fussen at the base of the Alps. The exceptional aesthetic design of the palace owes its extraordinary beauty (especially in winter) to King Ludwig II who made sure his grandest imagination of a palace is truly actualized.

It even inspired the makers of Walt Disney to exemplify  the pattern of the prominent castle to that of Sleeping Beauty’s Palace. Indeed, among all the majestic architectural infrastructures, Neuschwanstein Palace proves to be more than deserving to be one of the top tourist attractions in Germany. If you have more time to spare, a tour inside the core of the palace would be also worth experiencing. Among the sightseeing attractions inside the Palace comprise of the extravagant man-made grotto, the Minstrels’ Hallway and the Throne area.

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