Top Things To Know About Visiting France

If you are curious about the top things to know about visiting France, cialis then you are about to find out what they are. This post will be dedicated to the exploration of such an endeavor. But first and foremost, you should learn basic facts about this country so you could establish the right expectations for your vacation. France is the third largest country in Europe and is a major power player when it comes to economic, military, political and cultural concerns. As such, it has a high standard of living, which will require you to spend more to take advantage of its attractions. Nevertheless, everything it holds does offer quite a satisfying exchange for the amount of money you spend. So won’t necessarily walk away upset over how you spend in this country.

Lavender field in Florence, France

Lavender field in Florence, France

To prove this point, tickets for touring the Louvre (France’s most famous and unparalleled museum) costs around €15. But this expense gives you full-day access to the permanent collections as well as temporary exhibitions displayed in the Hall Napoleon. The kind of paintings this institution houses alone is a sight to behold, even for people who are not as appreciative of art. There are currently 2,500 masterpieces within it managed by 12 curators. And among the most beloved are those from Raphael, Michelangelo and da Vinci (Mona Lisa, Virgin and Child with St. Anne, Madonna of the Orcks). It is here where art works like Rembrant’s The Supper at Emmaus, The Slaughtered Ox and Bathsheba at Her Bath also rests, not to mention Caravaggio’s Death of the Virgin and The Fortune Teller. And then, there’s sculptures, ancient archeological finds, decorative pieces on top of prints and drawings to check out. Clearly, €15 is change compared to the value you get to take away from that sightseeing experience.

In addition to the given top things to know about visiting France, it is that everything here is basically artistic. From the architecture, to the music, and the food; nothing about France is ordinary or bland. So take the time to soak in the lights, the colors, the sounds, the flavors and the sensations. When you are in Paris, swing by Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower and then hang out at Champs Elysees. If you are at the French Riviera, take a dip in any of the resorts in the 115 kilometer stretch of sand it hosts or sample the food in any of its 3,000 restaurants. If you are at the Loire Valley, sample the white wines produced.

And of course, who could ignore fashion as a consideration for the top things to know about visiting France. It’s no secret that this country is among the biggest pioneers and contributors to the industry, giving birth to brands such as Chanel, Chloe, Givenchy, Gaultier, Vuitton, YSL, Rochas, Hermes and Lanvin, to name a few. It doesn’t matter if you have the money to burn. Just swing by any of the shops. They are bound to take your breath away.

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