Top Things To Do In Russia

Knowing the top things to do in Russia is tantamount to knowing how to have a vacation in that country. Truly, pharmacy Russia has been misrepresented in the mainstream media and this has easily caught up in the consciousness of people in other parts of the world. Old Soviet jokes don’t die easily and they even sound hilarious even in this era. But despite how Soviet jokes have lampooned this country’s reputation badly in the eyes of other countries, here Russia has a thriving tourism industry. Russians have fallen into various sorts of bad stereotypes such as being vodka drunkards and cheating gamblers. But sometimes Russians have earned good stereotypes such as being the toughest men on earth and having a very sexy accent when speaking in English. Apart from exploring the fascinating character of its people, there are other interesting activities in this country.

World Trade Center in Moscow, Russia

World Trade Center in Moscow, Russia

1. Ecotourism in Russia’s stunning wilderness

Ecotourism is one of Russia’s biggest tourism advantages, if not entirely the biggest asset. Exploring the frigid wasteland of Siberia is just one of the top things to do in Russia and in fact, it may not always be the best of all eco tourist plans. Its most popular environmentalist itinerary is the Baikal Lake, the deepest and oldest lake on our planet. Russia is also home to a wild whitewater rafting trend in River Gorky. This country has over 100 nature reserves, a territory almost wider than the whole country of Germany.

2. In Soviet Russia, music plays you!

Russia is also home to a very rich music culture. This country has been a fan of classical opera music ever since the Anastasia era. Apart from classical music performance that is most popular in urban areas, Russia’s remote regions also have a very vibrant music culture. Cossacks have been great virtuosos of balalaika and inventors of the stereotypical countryside squat-and-kick dancing. Traditional music as far as Siberia includes the eerily fascinating throat-singing, which is also popular in Mongolia and Central Asia. Lastly, since the fall of the Soviet Union, the American jazz music has been well-received and cultivated by Russian locals, especially every Jazz over Volga festival celebrated in Yaroslavl. You may be so inspired, you might pick up an instrument or get voice lessons at or from a private tutor.

3. The land of the grandest uniform parade

Another of the top things to do in Russia is attending the military parades. People who are impressed by smart and sturdy-looking officers in uniform as well as huge powerful guns and vehicles will really have a good time every 9th of May. Russians always commemorate the Allies victory of World War II since after the historic event. The military parades also include recognizing the invaluable contribution of women in history every March 8 as they celebrate the International Women’s Day.

4. Russia: where white men can really dance

The bad stereotype about white man being inept dancers has already become very common. But Russia will certainly prove this stereotype false since it was not called the land of ballerinas for nothing. Russians is also the home of waltz and Irish jigs.

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