Top Reasons To Visit Italy

Eating pizza and other delicious Italian foods is just one of the top reasons to visit Italy!

Tourists rarely need to ask for the top reasons to visit Italy, pharm as it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations on Earth. But for a few people, the beauty and charm of a destination’s attractions can never be enough reason. And this is perhaps why you’re wondering if there are other reasons to visit Italy. Wonder no more because we’re giving 8 reasons to go there!

#1: Eat real Italian food. You don’t have to go all fancy and eat at the finest Italian restaurant you can find. A pizza or a plate of pasta will make a decent and satisfying meal. In Italy, they bake pizzas in wooden stoves and pastas are always cooked to perfection and topped with Parmigiano Reggiano or Parmesan cheese, a variety made only in Parma. The best pizza you can savor is the Margherita.

#2: Drink Italian wine. Sure, you can drink it anywhere else that it’s available but there’s no better place to have Italian wine than in Italy. Besides, a bottle would be cheaper if it were sold in the same country that it was produced.

#3: Eat gelato, the Italian ice cream. They are sold in gelaterias in a variety of flavours including chocolate, peach, strawberry, crema, pistachio, lemon, coffee, nutella, spagnola, mango, Nutella, pineapple, tutti frutti, and fruit of the forest just to name a few. Gelato is a rich ice cream made of milk, cream, and sugars and flavored with nut puree or fresh fruits. If you’re a foodie by heart, this is definitely one of the top reasons to visit Italy.

#4: Feel a different vibe from each city. The cities of Italy may share the same sense of beauty and architecture but each of them has a unique atmosphere. Rome for example is dominated by ancient structures whereas Florence is more known for its art. Such variety is one of the top reasons to visit Italy.

#5: Have an Italian cappuccino. Italian Baristas treat it as an artform and serve cappuccino with intricate designs. And no, they don’t use stencils to design them.

#6: Italy is a beautiful country. We have already stressed that in our introduction, but thought you might need a reminder!

#7: Go shopping. If you can’t afford it, even window shopping will do. The quality of their displays are unlike any other. From hats to chocolates, most shops in Italy specialize in selling one type of product.

#8: Witness local lifestyle. Spend some time watching Italians gather with their families and friends in restaurants and parks. Italians enjoy good food and company of their loved ones. If you appreciate culture, it’s one of the top reasons to visit Italy. As you watch them live through their daily lives, you’ll notice that they look elegant no matter what they’re doing. Another great alternative to a hotel is to stay in a villa, which will offer a more unique experience. Villa holiday breaks will expose you more to the quintessential style of Italian life.

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