Top Reasons To Visit Switzerland

If you think of Switzerland the first thing that comes into your mind is the Alps but there are still a lot of top reasons to visit Switzerland and it would be a waste if you wouldn’t even see any of it. It is a small country located in central Europe bordered by the five countries of Austria, Liechtenstein, France, Italy and Germany. Prepare yourself for Switzerland will take your breath away with its stunning tourist spots.

Berne, the capital of Switzerland is a small city that offers you a wide range of things to go to. The first thing to do is just walk around the city because everything is so close to each other that you may just as well stumble to one tourist spot to another. The city’s old town is one of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, it gives you stunning medieval architectures, Renaissance Fountains, and beautiful Cathedral which definitely makes it to the top list of tourist spots.  Also don’t forget to visit the Bear Pits, the House of Parliament, Clock Tower, Bern Historical Museum and the Rose Garden which you shouldn’t miss at all.

The Swiss Alps is one of the top reasons to visit in Switzerland. Aside from its breathtaking scenery you can also enjoy recreational activities, vacation homes, hotels, and sport centers. It attracts a lot of skiers and hikers due to its perfect location. As a tourist haven, it never fails to complete their visit in Switzerland without setting foot in this place.

 This famous destination in Switzerland is found in Bernese Oberland. This the best place to view the spectacular scenery of the three white peaks of Jungfrau, Monch and Eiger. What’s great about the place is that aside from its stunning view is the fresh air that comes from the green meadows and valleys. You get to enjoy the mountain breeze with no noise from the city or anything that you associate with a busy life. If you want to have a peaceful and relaxing vacation then a trip to this wonderland is a great choice.

Jet d’ Eau is one of the top tourist attractions in Switzerland which is located in Geneva. This came to be when an engineer built a temporary outlet for the excess pressure that builds up at night. As of today the fountain is one of the top tourist destinations in Geneva. People who want to see them up close can visit the pier and just prepare to be sprinkled if not bathe in water.

Rhine Falls, near Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Rhine Falls, near Schaffhausen, Switzerland

The Rhine Falls is one of the top tourist attractions in Switzerland. It has a famous adventure park that lets families, kids and adults enjoy. Aside from viewing the breathtaking falls it also has the largest rope park in Switzerland with lots of obstacles to enjoy while having the view of the beautiful Rhine Falls.

True enough, people can’t get enough of Switzerland whether if it’s the chocolates, the Alps, or the other tourist spots. It is a nature lover’s haven because it gives you the beauty of nature, the peacefulness and the adventure that you need. Apart from those places mentioned above you must also visit Zermatt, Grindelwald, Geneva, and Interlaken which should also be your top reasons to visit Switzerland.


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