Top Reasons To Visit Slovenia

More people are wondering about the top reasons to visit Slovenia. Why wouldn’t they? Slovenia is part of “New Europe”. And yet some people still overlook the country as their next travel destination, unhealthy preferring to visit more popular European tourist spots. If you need a little more nudging on that department, decease below are some good reasons for visiting Slovenia.

Slovenians are nice people. Almost everyone you come across with will be kind and patient. Many locals speak English too so when it comes to communicating, try there’s little to worry about.

View to Eastern Karawanks from Mt. Stol/Hochstuhl

View to Eastern Karawanks from Mt. Stol/Hochstuhl

Slovenia has a diverse landscape. Geographically speaking, the country features beaches, farmlands, vineyards, mountains, valleys, and marshlands. The Julian, Kamnik, and Karavanke Alps are three mountainous regions of note. Another interesting landscape is the Karst region where you will find limestone formations.

It isn’t popular among tourists. It attracts a few but not to the point that there are crowds of people swarming attractions. For people seeking offbeat tracks, this is one of the top reasons to visit Slovenia.

Slovenia has a lot of castles. Hundreds even. In a day you can visit at least two and that’s not bad at all.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, Slovenia

It’s a green country. The city of Ljubljana is a great example of this. Ljubljana has a program which encourages locals to ride bikes instead of using cars to reach places. Waste segregation is also taken seriously. Trash bins for plastic, paper, organic, and non-organic waste are separate and labelled in Slovenian and English so make sure that you read and abide by them.

When you travel there, you’ll probably find other top reasons to visit Slovenia besides these five. It may come in the form of a tourist spot, food, or culture. What is certain is that you will enjoy your stay in this European country even if it isn’t your typical destination.


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