Top Reasons To Visit Norway

It’s hard to imagine other top reasons to visit Norway than to explore Viking history and the hidden treasures it has on ice. But there is actually a lot of lushness and diversity among the attractions tourists will find in this country. And no, you won’t need to pack you jacket every time you decide to book a flight to this place. Norway is a magical place. And here, you can get the best out of the extremes.

Geiranger Fjord

Geiranger Fjord

For your first stop among the top reasons to visit Norway, it is highly recommended that you arrange a trip to Geiranger Fjord in the municipality of Stranda and enjoy the sights this small village offers. Surrounded by steep mountains that jut out of the water and form foaming waterfalls from different peaks, this landscape provides a welcome escape for travelers who are looking for one-of-a-kind and stunning views. It may not be as friendly to adventure seekers with its hazardous and rugged terrains.  But it certainly will spoil nature lovers with the beauty it displays.

Next, there’s the Kristiansand Zoo and Amusment Park in Kristiansand, Norway, which is one of the country’s most frequently visited zoological garden and recreational facility. It covers a land area of 150 acres, which houses a variety of local and foreign wildlife, including lynxes, tigers, lions, wolves, mooses, zebras, orangutans and chimpanzees. The amusement park side of this attraction comprises of Cardamom Town and Kjuttaviga, which are replicas of famous local literary and theater settlements.

Another amusement destination in the country is that of Hunderfossen Familiepark, found north of Lillehammer, in Oppland. It is actually one of the biggest in Norway, accommodating as much as 250,000 people during the summer. And all those who visit, get to take advantage of 50 different games and fun activities.

Fredrikstad  fortress, the city's oldest building

Fredrikstad fortress, the city’s oldest building

To bring a little more depth into this list of top reasons to visit Norway, tourists can also drop by the Fredrikstad fortress and learn more about its defense history, from the time Officer Coucheron officiated it, to the Swedish-Norwegian War of 1814, when it was attacked under the command of Nils Christian Frederick Hals. You might also find it interesting to visit the country’s old railways, Flam Line and Floibanen, and appreciate the other top reasons to visit Norway it allows you to see from one stop to another.

Finally, you could also go to Holmenkollbakken and try your athleticism in this large ski jumping hill found in Oslo. Now if you fare well, you’d have the bragging rights of being able to survive one of the most challenging ski terrains in the world. As of 2011, the hill record set is at 142.5 meters, unofficially held by Anders Jacobson. But on books, it is 141 meters, achieved by one Andreas Kofler.


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