Top Reasons To Visit London

First-time travelers often wonder what the top reasons to visit London are. Big Ben, the city’s most iconic landmark, typically rings a bell but beyond that, they can’t find other reasons to go there. There are in fact plenty of reasons to travel to London.

Tower bridge London

Tower bridge London

Reason #1: The British accent

Who doesn’t love it? Most people find their accent sexy and rather seductive. However, you may find that local accents widely vary. Northerners tend to have traces of Scottish accent whereas those living in the southeast have a more refined manner of speaking.

Reason #2: Walk through gardens fit for royalty

Royal Parks abound in the city and are among the top reasons to visit London. Many of them were former royal hunting grounds before they were transformed into publicly available parks. The Royal Parks of London have beautiful landscapes consisting of rolling hills, marshlands, forests, and grasslands. Some parks provide unique opportunities. For example, sailing and pelican sightseeing are possible in Regent’s Park and St. James’ Park respectively.

Reason #3: Lay your eyes on some of the world’s greatest artworks

London has dozens of art galleries and museums showcasing artworks from history up to the present era. Take for example the iconic portrait of King Henry VIII, a painting by the world-renowned Hans Holbein. How about the romantic creations of pre-Raphaelites or the subversive graffiti of Banksy? These are but a few of all the amazing artworks in London.

Reason #4: Submerge yourself in theatrical performances

All sorts of performances including musical, comedic, and theatrical are played in London theatres. Whenever a show is on, grab the opportunity to watch it. There is no better way to surround yourself with London’s vibrant culture.

The Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum

Reason #5: Take a walk across 2,000 years of history

Historical landmarks are truly some of the top reasons to visit London. The close proximity of these landmarks allows convenient exploration. In addition to the Big Ben you can explore Westminister Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and Tate Modern among so many others. The historic structures in London represent 2,000 years of life in this beautiful city.


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