Top Reasons To Visit Kosovo

A dark past isn’t one of the top reasons to visit Kosovo however it sure makes it a more interesting travel destination. If you look beyond that however, viagra you’ll find that there are more appropriate reasons to visit the country. Listed below are five valid reasons why you should go to Kosovo on your next trip. Kosovo is a country located southeast of Europe.

Reason #1: Historic architecture

One good thing that history left Kosovo with is old architecture. Buildings and whole villages built centuries ago remain unchanged and in good shape. The city of Prizren is an epitome of historic architecture with its innumerable mosques and churches from the old times. The almost-ruined Serbain quarter, Turkish hammam, and a local castle are some of the most remarkable structures in the city. Gjakova is another good destination for historic buildings. Perhaps its most notable offering is the 17th century bazaar. Unfortunately, it got destroyed in 1999 and the structure standing in its place is a reconstruction of the damaged bazaar. Also there is the Novo Brdo fortress, a remainder of the medieval city that once flourished in Gjakova.

Gracanica Monastery, Kosovo

Gracanica Monastery, Kosovo

Reason #2: The monasteries

Even if you’re not that into religion or spirituality, the orthodox monasteries are some of the top reasons to visit Kosovo. Some of them have been declared by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. The 13th century Decani Monastery and its Serbian orthodox architecture is one thing you shouldn’t miss. It has a few of the finest medieval frescoes throughout Europe. Gracanica Monastery which is dated a century later is known for its beautiful paintings and decor.

Reason #3: Balkan villages

As part of the Balkan region, there are Balkan villages in the country which preserve the traditions and customs of Eastern Europe. One such village in Kosovo is Brod. It is a Gorani village with distinct houses made of mud. There are no hotels in this village but you can stay with a local for an agreed amount. Locals are very hospitable.

Reason #4: The food

Kosovo’s cuisine hasn’t left an international mark the way Japanese, Mexican, or American food have but it’s definitely one of the best Eastern European cooking. There are plenty of restaurants in the country, particularly in larger cities, where traditional dishes are regularly served.

Pristina, Kosovo

Pristina, Kosovo

Reason #5: Pristina, the charming capital

Without a doubt, its capital is one of the top reasons to visit Kosovo. Getting around the Pristina is easy since you can explore much of it on foot. Museums seem to be its most interesting sights but there are other places to see here.


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