Top Reasons To Visit Berlin

You’re probably wondering what the top reasons to visit Berlin are since many recommend are for the holidays. Being Germany’s capital simply isn’t enough reason to go there. Perhaps the wide range of attractions and experiences the city is willing to offer would convince you.

Berlin has a rich history and that’s one of the best reasons to visit the city. Much of this history is reflected by its landmarks. The most iconic of which is Brandenburg Gate, a former city gate built in the late 18th century. Checkpoint Charlie is another famous historic area in the city. The checkpoint is an old crossing point between East and West Berlin. Of course, there’s the Berlin Wall Memorial at Bernauer Strasse which you must also see while in the city.

Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin

Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin

In addition to its historic landmarks, Berlin boasts a diverse art scene. The city’s galleries are cheap and attract artists from all over Europe. You can marvel at different kinds of artworks ranging from classical to modern. Kunsthaus Tacheles offers a unique art experience for travelers.

If you happen to love street food, those sold along Berlin’s pavement are really delightful. In fact, street food may very well be among the top reasons to visit Berlin. The city has some of the most amazing selections throughout Europe including currywurst, a pork sausage covered in either ketchup or tomato paste and is served on a crusted roll; and glüwein, a spiced red wine served hot. Both would make a perfect pair for the cold holiday season.

Berlin’s flea markets or what locals call flohmarkts will welcome you with open arms at least, at different days of the week. There’s no better place to grab souvenirs than a flea market! The most popular of flohmarkts in Berlin include EuroFlohmarkt, FLohmarkt am Mauerpark, and Flohmarkt am Arkonaplatz.

Kunsthaus Tacheles, Oranienburger Str., Berlin

Kunsthaus Tacheles, Oranienburger Str., Berlin

Last but not the least is the city’s flurry of Christmas markets. Locals know them as christkindmarkts. Christmas markets range from big to small in terms of size and they are among the top reasons to visit Berlin.

Christkindmarkts start appearing in November of each year to sell freshly-baked goods and handmade products. You can find them throughout the city. The Christmas markets found in Charlottenburg Castle, Gendarmenmarkt Square, and Potsdamer Platz lure in the most people. If you need to find a great place to stay on vacation in Berlin, check out Live Like a German to rent apartments from locals. It’s often cheaper than hotels and you get a much more authentic experience!


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