Things to do if visiting London

There are many Things to do if visiting London

You finally got the chance to visit London but you’re not exactly sure what there is to do. London is a place full of great locations to visit, sights to behold and nights to be enjoyed. Take a look at just some of things you can do in London:

Have a night out

London is infamous for its nightlife. It´s a buzzing capital city with a plethora of different types of bars, pubs, and clubs. Check out Leicester Square for some of the most famous clubs and bars in the world where you can find cocktails, British beer or pretty much anything that you fancy. Dance the night away and at the end of the night and hopefully, you will find yourself getting lucky why not find London escorts to end your night with a bang.

Visit the London Eye

The London Eye is a fantastic monument situated right next to the River Thames which is essentially a huge, luxurious, Ferris wheel enabling you to be able to see the whole of London when at the top. Not only is it an excellent view but the experience itself is an extremely classy one in which you can order champagne and take a leisurely ride on the wheel. The great thing about the wheel is it´s extremely economical and sets you up for a great experience of your time in London.

The Houses of Parliament

One of the most impressive sites to see in London are the Houses of Parliament. Located very centrical in a beautiful part of London and offering the opportunity to see some of the leading members of parliament on their way to work its an ideal tourist attraction. On a nice day, the areas of grass surrounding the Houses of Parliament are also an excellent place to sit and have yourself a picnic.

Buckingham Palace

Now everybody knows that the name of the place where the Queen of England lives is Buckingham Palace but most people never actually get the chance to see it. It’s quite unlikely that you are going to be able to get a tour which takes you as far as observing the Royal Family eating dinner but there are great tours which can take you all around the outside of the grounds, a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Take a trip to Stonehenge

One of the great mysteries of the world, Stonehenge, resides very close to London. Not an awful lot is known about these extremely old standing stones, however, it is well known that they are more than worth going to see. There are plenty of tours which you can acquire from a tour office which will take you to see Stonehenge

Those are just a few of the things you can do in London, remember to take full advantage of the London Underground while you are there in order to travel to your destination and enjoy your stay!

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