Top 5 things to do and see in Budapest

There are many awesome things to do and see in Budapest ... photo by CC user mauricedb on Flickr

With some of the greatest places to shop, drug eat, drink, party and relax in Europe, Budapest is one of the greatest Euro-capitals to visit any time of the year. So without further ado here are 5 things things to do and see in Budapest that you definitely need to put on your bucket list when you visit this bustling city.

1. Visit the Budapest State Opera house.

Probably the most extravagant building in the capital, the opera house or as it is refereed to by the locals ‘Magyar Állami Operaház’ is well worth a looksee even if you’re not interested in attending a performance, although tickets are generally on the cheap side and it’s highly recommended that you relish the acoustics of this magnificent theatre.

2.Fashion Street and other shopping

The most luxurious fashion brands from Louis Vuitton to Gucci and Roberto Cavalli reside in the famous Váci Utca, affectionately referred to as Fashion Street. In addition to Andrassy avenue, the shopping experience in Budapest is second to none, so keep your credit card handy and make sure you’ve got enough space in your luggage ladies ‘cause you’re definitely going to be spending some serious cash over here. If you’re into curio shopping and antiques, then there’s nothing in the world quite like Falk Miksa Street.

3. Chain Bridge

One of the earliest examples of a suspension bridge, Chain bridge is a history lesson in its own right. Designed by the British Engineer William Tierney Clark in the mid 19th century this is one of the most iconic sites in Budapest. The imposing lions guarding both sides of the structure can be rather intimidating, but they make for great instagram selfies.

4. House of terror

Your visit to Budapest won’t be complete without a day visit to the spine-tingling House of Terrormuseum. Conveniently located close to the center at Andrássy út 60, this horrifying house has been open for a decade and a visit there comes highly recommended. The building stands out from the rest of the architecture on the street so you really can’t miss it. The museum re-visits Hungarian life under both the fascist and communist regimes and apart from recounting the terrors and horror stories from this dark past it also stands as a memorial to all those victims that suffered all these horrific torturous dealings.

5. Spa baths

The ultimate social gathering and the best way to catch up with friends for the locals the Spa baths is also what Budapest is most famous for, and there is quite a choice of baths to pick from scattered around the city. The main choices being the traditional Ottoman style of the ‘Rudas Baths’ complete with steam rooms and bathing areas with lavish décor and housed under an ancient domed roof or the complementary Gellert Baths or Szechenyi Baths with huge outdoor pools, marble treatment rooms and a catalog of treatments that will keep you relaxed for hours. So if it’s luxury that you’re after then you’re in for a treat. Book your stay now!

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