Wheelchair Accessible Hotels in Barcelona, What You Need to Know

When I had my rugby accident 4 years ago, the harsh reality of being confined to a wheelchair initially set my travel plans back somewhat. However, because of my love for travel, I decided that my limited mobility would not set me back and so I embarked upon a trip around Europe by train, a great way to travel in a wheelchair. Naturally there are some cities which are more geared up for wheelchair users than others, and one of the best that I found was Barcelona. The range of wheelchair accessible hotels in Barcelona was fantastic and throughout the city you can find both boutique and chain hotels which meet the requirements of a traveler such as myself. If you are confined to a wheelchair like me, then here is how to go about getting the best stay in Barcelona.

Finding and Booking

The range of wheelchair accessible hotels in Catalan City can be easily found online with a quick Google search and you should make sure that when searching, that you put a list of 4 or 5 different hotels together for you to consider. More often than not it is the big chain hotels which offer the best experience for wheelchair users, but you can find some cool boutique hotels which have the structure in place for those who do need a chair.

In many cities that I have visited, I have found wheelchair-friendly hotels online which were, in reality, far from being accessible. Whilst I didn’t see too much of this in Barcelona, I would always recommend that you call the hotel before booking. If you call the hotel before booking then you can ask them directly about the options which they have and whether or not they match your requirements.


Whilst Barcelona does have a huge amount of hotels for you to choose from for those in wheelchairs, deciding on where to stay can be tricky. The main road La Rambla which leads down to the harbour, is a slow and painful climb for those coming back from the sea, equally the Gothic Quarter and many of the mazy streets in Barcelona are cobbled stones, the nemesis of a wheelchair user. With this in mind then the best course of action is to work out first what you would like to see in the city, and then find a hotel which is relatively central to those activities which you want to do. There are taxis throughout the city which aren’t too expensive but these cannot get into the side streets, where you will find much of the action. If you do want to see the action that you can find down these old and narrow streets, make sure that you book a hotel which is right on its doorstep, so that you won’t have to struggle for too long. The main streets in Barcelona are easy to travel on and you can see a huge amount of landmarks along these main areas.

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