Three Amazing Cultural Attractions In Valencia

Among the cultural attractions in Valencia, the City of Arts and Science is not to be missed!

Looking for a little urban sophistication on your summer holiday? If so, spending a chunk of your Spanish holiday in Valencia will ably feed your desire for museums, restaurants and architecture of varying kinds. Located on the eastern coast of Spain, with heavily favoured island destinations such as Ibiza and Mallorca sitting not far offshore, Valencia is the perfect place to unwind after spending a hectic week partying hard.

What wonders should you make a point of checking out during your time here? Below, we will suggest a few amazing cultural attractions in Valencia that will uncover the soul of this complex Spanish metropolis, so pay attention and get ready to experience of this countries’ brightest gems!

1) City of Arts and Science

In 1957, a disastrous flood wreaked havoc along the River Turia, flooding out countless businesses and dwellings along its banks. This prompted the city to reroute the flow of the river to prevent episodes like this in the future, but it also caused an eyesore, as a long portion of dried riverbed was created where the Turia once flowed.

The intensely futuristic City of Arts and Science was built amongst the lush park that was planted along this lengthy portion of sunken land, opening to the public in 1998. Inside this masterpiece of architecture, one can expect to find a state of the art science museum, planetarium, botanical garden, aquarium, opera house, and sports arena all under one roof.

Simply put, if you only have time for one attraction in Valencia, make sure you pay a visit to the City of Arts and Science prior to your departure.

2) Torres de Serranos

Shifting from Valenica’s modern day wonders to those of its past, the Torres de Serranos is one of 12 former gates that used to permit entrance to the city in the days when it was fortified. Protecting it from danger, and jailing those in the upper class that committed offenses worthy of incarceration, this central gate is one of Valencia’s most iconic structures.

3) Mercat Central de València

One of the best ways to understand and appreciate a new culture is through its food. To get through to the essence of this city therefore, head down to Mercat Central de Valencia, which has the noble distinction of being one of the oldest continually operating public markets in Europe. Located in an atmospheric building befitting of its age and past history, foodstuffs central to Spanish cuisine can be found here, arranged in an Instagram friendly configuration.

If your tummy is rumbling near the end of your tour, fear not: there are plenty of restaurants on-site and nearby using market-fresh ingredients to create dishes that will have you singing the praises of tapas to anyone who will listen back home.

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  1. Guiomar
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    Spanish people are faumos for their movida’. I really love the way you enjoy life, the colours of your streets, of your cities. Spain makes you feel like home, I think, starting from the food and the people who are friendly and open

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