Must-do Malaga!

Malaga is a marvelous city with plenty to do for even the most intrepid adventurers. But every destination has its ‘must-do’ attractions – the ones that you will be ridiculed and teased about if you miss them. For Malaga, you not only have the glorious beaches located nearby but also a wealth of historically important landmarks. These will give you a good understanding of Malaga’s history and its art scene – from its links with Picasso to the city’s religious contribution. Take a look below for the must-see attractions of Malaga – many of which are free or suggest a small donation.

No matter what kind of events you’re into, Malaga has a must-see attraction for everyone. With┬ácheap flights available, they’re closer than you think.

streets in Malaga, Spain


Anyone with an interest in religion is sure to be fascinated by the selection of churches and basilicas in Malaga. Head first to the Sacred Heart Church, perhaps the most famous of the city’s religious buildings. As well as beautiful stained glass windows and visually stunning gothic architecture, tourists are treated to mosaics and paintings that line the walls.

It’s also worth having a nosy round Malaga Cathedral, which has been around since 1528. Pay close attention to the various different architectural styles. While the original intention was for it to be late Gothic, its eventual completion by three different architects has resulted in a mishmash of styles.

Finally, if you’re not churched-out, venture over to the Iglesia de Los Martires, which is a veritable feast for the eyes of those who enjoy their religious artwork. Visitors are welcome to attend a service before having a look at the images of the Virgin Mary adorning the walls, as well as the various alters.


Enjoying a visit to the park might not cross most people’s minds as a particularly cultural holiday experience, but La Concepcion is one of the most popular of Malaga’s attractions. The gardens have a fascinating history and feature some truly incredible flora, including a Monkey’s Puzzle tree that stands a jaw-dropping 45 metres high.

Venture over to Plaza y Acera de La Marina for more plant-related fun. A fantastic example of urban landscape design, it’s often missed by tourists but is surrounded by dozens of buildings in Malaga’s distinctive architectural style.


When it comes to Malaga’s castles, there are two that should be at the top of everyone’s list. Alcazaba is an 11th-century palace that was painstakingly restored in 1930 and features some of the most beautiful buildings you’re likely to witness in the city, as well as a gorgeous restaurant and plenty of historical details to keep you interested.

Castillo de Gibralfaro is the other must-visit castle. Overseeing the city from its hilltop position, the complex has deteriorated over the years but has an incredible history thanks to its extensive use during the war. The views are simply incredible and the museum dedicated to the castle’s history is also worth a visit.

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  1. Marianne
    December 29, 2013 at 1:03 am #

    You forgot to mention so many things …..

    1. The fabulous Muelle Uno port area
    2. Atarazanas market
    3. The Roman Amphitheatre
    4. The many museums including the Picasso, Thyssen and CAC
    5. The fabulous street art
    6. The wonderful restaurants and tapas bars

    …and so much more!


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