Solo or No? Travel the Trans-Siberian Train

Taking a significant trip – one of the major journeys of your life is a huge commitment, financially, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Deeper meaning and evenings of bonding can be had when you opt to travel with your loved ones, but you may be surprised to realize that the same can be said when you embark on a solo vacation. Whether you choose to travel with others (which can mean family, but also friends, or a group) or travel alone, you can be assured of a safe journey into more-than-one foreign lands, crossing country borders and several time zones. You’re also likely to experience and witness a bevy of different weather.


If you’ve chosen the potentially miraculous Trans-Siberian express tours from The Trans-Siberian Travel Company, you should immediately check out what the current rates are, and, determine whether you want to share the experience or have it be a wholly reflective adventure. When you travel on this railway, your ticket fare is exponentially reduced based on how many in your party are traveling on the same itinerary.

Still, even if you do decide to go at it alone, you’ll be surprised at how surprisingly reasonable the fares can be. You will have to share a room, but you will have the – relative – privacy of your own cosy bunk. Cabins in a carriage share the toilet and hot-water facilities. This is true for all but the individual luxury cabins, which have en-suite bathroom facilities.

Terrific Travels

The travel possibilities are wonderful. You can choose to start in Moscow, the capital of Russia, and travel through to Beijing, stopping at various cities and areas of interest. For more information, click here to view the brochure.

The main destinations are:

  • St. Petersburg

  • Ekaterinburg

  • Irkutsk

  • Vladivostok

Each of the historic cities offer many sites to see and food to taste. For example, in St. Petersburg, you can visit The Hermitage, view stunning architecture, cathedrals, fortresses and experience Russian culture.

In Ekaterinburg, you’ll be at the Euro-Asia border, learn about the fascinating, but ultimately tragic story of the Romanov family, view rolling country sides and villages, as well as the infamous “Mafia Cemetery.”

In Irkutsk, you have the opportunity for stays at Siberian homes, to see Listvyanka, Bolshoe Goloustnoe, Olkhon Island and the signature/ famous-for wooden architecture.

Finally, at the far east Vladivostok, visit the Golden Horn Bay, the train station, Vladivostok Fortress, the C-56 Submarine and Revolutsy Square.

Other destinations you might visit along the journey include

In Russia

    • Golden Ring

    • Kazan

    • Khabarovsk

    • Krasnoyarsk

    • Lake Baikal

    • Moscow

    • Murmansk

    • Novosibirsk

    • Olkhon Island

    • Perm

    • Suzdal

    • Tobolsk

    • Tuva

    • Ulan Ude

    • Veliky Novgorod

    • Vladimir

    • Volograd

In Mongolia

    • Gobi Desert

    • Karakorum

    • Khentii Province

    • Lake Khuvsgula

    • Ulaanbaatar

In China

    • Beijing

    • Chengdu

    • Gulin

    • Harbin

    • Hong Kong

    • Shanghai

    • Tibet

    • Xian

    • Yangtze River

The Final Word

Whether you’re suggesting the Trans-Siberian travel as a family or friend reunion or excursion or choosing it for your own adventure of a lifetime, it will bring the many Russian novelists’ works you’ve read to life. You’ll not only be able to see the actual White Palace, Ipatiev House (also called The House of Special Purpose), the start of the Silk Road, or the Three Gorges Dam. This is an amazing trip, whether you go solo or in a group.

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