Spending Christmas on the Danube


The Christmas period is the perfect time period for a river cruise. If you book such a trip during this part of the year, you may find that it is slightly more expensive than normal, but it is certainly worth it. Not only will your experience be all the more memorable, it also means that you don’t have to deal with all the stresses that come with the Christmas season, such as dealing with in-laws, finding the right presents and cooking huge meals. Why not, for once, make Christmas just about you for once?

In terms of destinations, the Danube River truly is the best choice for a Christmas river cruise. The eastbound journey, starting at Prague and ending in Vienna, really is the most magical option. It speaks of luxury, romance, culture, style and sophistication. Visit pavlus.com to book your Viking River Cruises on the Danube this Christmas. Let’s take a look at why this should be your destination of choice.

The Danube Is Truly Festive around the Christmas Period

Anybody who has ever been to the area between Prague and Vienna, whether on a river cruise or not, will tell you that the Yuletide season is the most magical and enchanting around this time. There is much more jovial mood during this time, and the crisp winter air lights up the senses. As a river cruiser, your will notice that you will have far more fun during the festive season. The quaint little villages that you will come across, with the Baroque architecture and stunning frescoes and stained glass simply look at home against a wintery backdrop. Furthermore, the atmosphere will be enhanced on your cruise boat as well, which will be decorated more festively and there are likely to be more on-board activities as well.

You Will Get to See the Best Views and Architecture of Europe

Europe is an enchanting continent, and you will be able to experience it in a different way by cruising. You will pass truly charming villages, looking at them from the river. If you enjoy history, you will be able to enjoy one of the many guided tours in cities and towns across Slovakia and in Vienna itself. Prague is home to some of the world’s most impressive Baroque monastery libraries, so if you have time to visit them, make sure you do. A Danube river cruise will give you the chance to explore Europe in a very different way.

The Best Shopping Experience

A final reason as to why Christmas is the best time to go on a Danube River cruise is because of the shopping experience. There will be some absolutely gorgeous Christmas markets in many of the towns you will stop at. Make sure you try the Gluhwein, which is a mulled, warm Christmas wine and the Lebkuchen, which is a pastry close to gingerbread only sweeter. And these also make fantastic souvenirs if you do want to bring something home for your friends who you missed at Christmas.

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