5 Unbelievably Romantic Italian Regions to Inspire Your Valentine’s Day Festivities

Italy is perhaps the most romantic country in the entire world. From the sensuous sound of water in Venice to the sweet scent of citrus in Sicily, order the country feels made specifically for lovers. Especially on February 14, order the day reserved for romance, cities across Italy come alive with passion, causing couples to fall even more deeply in love.

Unfortunately, few people can drop what they’re doing and fly to Italy for a quick Valentine’s getaway. While you plan your travels up and down the Italian coasts, consider how you can incorporate the essence of Italia in your Valentine’s celebrations. The following cities — the most romantic in all the world — will surely spark your imagination (and passion) on the day of love.


1. Rome — History

Italy’s capital is big and bustling, which isn’t everyone’s idea of romance. However, the Eternal City is packed with centuries of awe-inspiring art, architecture, engineering, and history that any true world explorer should be dying to see. The depth of culture in this ancient city is magnificent, and experiencing such important works together with your sweetie will only bring you closer in mind and spirit.

In addition to its age-old attractions, Rome is an incredibly modern city that boasts amenities perfect for romantic travel. You can attend a traditional Roman bath, or dine on the best Italian food in the world.

Valentine’s homebodies can also mimic these activities at home with domestic spa treatments and local restaurants.

2. Piedmont — Delicacies

Bordering France and Switzerland, the region of Piedmont is nestled comfortably in the Alps, far from the warm influences of the Mediterranean. Still, separate from quintessential Italian life and influenced by its Central European neighbors, Piedmont is luxurious in its own right. Famous for its wines, chocolates, and white truffles, Piedmont is a delectable destination for any romantic retreat.

As the province was once hailed as a cozy country retreat for Europe’s elite, the landscape is full of elegant castles and palaces that now regally shelter foreign visitors on Valentine’s vacations. However, if you can’t see the opulence of Piedmont in person, you may be able to simulate a trip at home with lavish wines and chocolates sourced from the region.


3. Venice — Atmosphere

Though thousands of years have seen Venice sink lower and lower into the Mediterranean, the majesty of the city still shines as bright as it did during its Renaissance heyday. Venice is so incredibly romantic, with its classical architecture and magical waterways, that it has inspired countless artists, from Vivaldi to Hemingway. The city is both timeless and ancient, which provides an indescribably sensual and seductive sensation to most romantic couples.

You and your love can wander hand in hand over bridges and through squares, or else hire a gondolier to serenade you as you drift through the city’s labyrinthine canals. Though Venice’s sights aren’t like any other city on Earth, you may be able to replicate the fantastic feelings with a sunset stroll or a moonlit boat ride.

4. The Cinque Terre — Privacy

While the Cinque Terre is technically part of the Italian Riviera, the region seems completely separate from the bustle of busy resorts in that popular Italian destination. Instead, Cinque Terre offers visitors a more outdoorsy experience, as the rugged landscape is ideal for hiking, horseback riding, and various water sports. Plus, the exceptionally fertile ground produces outstanding produce — including wine grapes — so you and your darling can expect culinary delights of all sorts.

Though there are a handful of fishing villages along the coastline, the region feels distinctly isolated, which can be utopian for a passionate pair. To imitate this atmosphere at home, you can lock yourselves away for a weekend of bliss.

5. Lake Como — Relaxation

Though George Clooney’s Italian retreat has made this region more popular among tourists in recent months, the stunning landscape still lands Lake Como amongst the most romantic Italian spots. The stillness of the lake, mirroring in its face the tall, pristine limestone mountains and crystal blue sky, and the quaintness of the Italian villas provide a perfect backdrop to any lovers’ passions.

Italy’s Lakes District, which includes Lake Como as its crown jewel, is nestled in the healthful northern regions of Italy, near Milan, but Italians and foreigners alike come here particularly for rest and relaxation. By stressing restorative activities above all else, you may be able to copy Lake Como at home on Valentine’s Day.

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