The nicest towns to visit on Tenerife

La Laguna is one of the nicest towns to visit on Tenerife

While Tenerife is most famous for its beaches by far, healing it does boast its fair share of quaint towns that are well worth the attention of travelers visiting this sun soaked island. Conquered by the Spanish in the late 15th century, their building style, combined with this volcanic island’s dramatic geography, makes for a visual experience that will make for a memorable holiday during your explorations here.

By using Web Tenerife and the suggestions in this post, we will help you make the most of your time during your cultural explorations on this endlessly interesting place by suggesting some of the nicest towns to visit on Tenerife.

1) La Laguna

Those looking to get off to a roaring start during their time in Tenerife should start their cultural quest in La Laguna.  Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this town is one of Tenerife’s best, and its historical assets reflect that, with many churches, museums, and a market piled high with tonnes of salt cod, which seems weird, considering its elevated location away from the coast!

2) Los Silos

Want to get away from the hordes of package tourists that drive around in massive buses, obscuring picture perfect shots with a scattershot visage of tacky Hawaiian t-shirts and obnoxiously neon fanny packs?  Then head out to Los Silos, a town with laneways that are too narrow for these invasion crafts, making it possible to snap photos of a normal Tenerife town that has a pretty church, and if you time your visit right, a storytelling festival will allow you a window into the native culture.

3) Buenavista del Norte

If you really want to get away from it all in Tenerife, then you’ll want to head out to the far northwest corner of the island, as far away from the airport as you can get on this island.  Situated on the windward side of this normally arid rock, it receives three times the rain that the dry side gets over the course of the year, making the greenery in Buenavista del Norte lush.

Combined with the slow and charming pace of life here, the handicrafts are also what this region is known for, with bone, wood, cane and straw forming the basis of many trinkets that you’ll stuff your backpack with to shower your relatives with upon your return home.

Let The Slow Pace Of Tenerife Life Seduce You

While the modus operandi of most holidays involve a frenzy of activity to ensure you get the most from your time (lest you feel like you’ve wasted it), spending time in Tenerife’s charming towns will teach you to slow down and enjoy the flow of daily life as they know it.  Doing so can only enrich your life, given the breakneck pace that most people run at in today’s modern world!

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