5 lesser known spots in Prague

If you’ve ever been to the Czech Republic’s majestic city of Prague, cialis then you know, surely, about its most prominent attractions such as Charles’ Bridge, Old Town Square, St. Vitus’ Cathedral, Prague Castle, Vyšehrad and the Prague astronomical clock.


Photo: Miroslav Petrasko

Beyond these famous spots, though exist other attractive and maybe lesser known spots in Prague, which you should definitely visit, if you haven’t already and really want to enrich your experience when in this marvel of a city.

Old Sewage Works


Photo: Tomáš Petru

Old Sewage Works is our first on the list hidden away from the general public spot. This place might not sound like a good place for every day travelers, but its attractiveness is wanting way more than its name suggests. It was designed by William Lindley, a renowned British engineer, and remained Prague’s only sewerage system until 1967. It has brick-vaulted sewers with striking lofty spaces and elegant arches and also an interesting collection of old ancient machinery. The Sewage works became a national museum in 1992 and one of Prague’s national historic monuments in 2010.

Our Lady of the Snows Church


Photo: Creative Commons

Our Lady of the Snows church looks pretty much deserted but don’t be fooled. This little wonder deserves a closer look if you happen to be walking down the street through Wenceslas Square. Charles IV commissioned the building for the church in the 14th century and later handed it over to the Carmelites. In the 15th century, there were conflicts between the Hussite and the Carmelites though, events which ultimately prevented the church’s completion. Just like other churches in Prague, this church is fully designed with dark furnishings on its exteriors and bright soaring on its interiors. Make sure to check it out.

Thunovská Street


The main route that most pedestrians take when navigating to Prague Castle are the Old Castle Steps and Nerudova. However, there is a tiny lane parallel to Nerudova known as Thunovská Street. This lane looks forgotten. What many people don’t know is that through this lane, one can see the whole of Prague and beyond. Yup, take this road instead.

St. Gall’s Church

Ok true Prague is full of churches and St. Gall’s Church, just like Our Lady of the Snows, is another spot in Prague that seems forgotten. This is because many people who visit the city move quickly from Old Town Square to Wenceslas Square without noticing it. The church is centrally located and features two bulky towers, which form a striking backdrop towards the center of Havelská market. Their exterior walls do not look that attractive but you will definitely like its interior furnishings, which resemble that of St. James Church.

St. Michael’s Church

St. Michael Church is a tiny wooden Orthodox church. The church looks as if it sprouted from the ground just like a mushroom. It looks as if it was grown because of its wooden components. Architecturally, St. Michael Church is designed following traditional orthodox fashion but it also features a mix of Baroque styles.

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