The Two Most Romantic Places in Europe

They say romance can develop anywhere, but there are definitely some places where romance blooms easier and burns brighter. We have located two cities in particular that are great at creating and cultivating passion. They are both located in Europe and of course are in two of the countries known for love, Italy and Spain. So if your passions are running high, or you want them to, check out Sicily and Seville.



Sicily is lover’s paradise nearly year round. Blessed with a summer that is much longer than that of northern and central Italy, endless sunshine, warm sea temperatures, virtually no rain and Sicily vacation rentals in abundance, the island is the perfect spot for seducing or being seduced.

Sicily is one of the pearls of Southern Italy, separated from the Continent by the Strait of Messina and surrounded by the Ionian, the Tyrrhenian and the Mediterranean Seas. From the ancient Greeks, Phoenicians and Carthaginians to the Arabs, French, Spanish, and Italians, Sicily has seen many rulers. As the land of Scylla, Charybdis and the Cyclops it is also a backdrop of myth and legend. Throughout it has been a land talked and written about because of its beauty and allure.

Nature seems to have endowed all its wonders to Sicily: mountains, volcanoes, hills, and of course, the sea, with an incredible array of colors, crystal-clear water and amazingly beautiful sea beds. The island is surrounded by other smaller islands including The Aeolians, Egadi and Pelagie Islands, Pantelleria and Ustica, each of which is unique, accessible and worthy of a visit. Sicily is close enough to Calabria that you can see land across the Strait of Messina, but far enough away that it has its own unique character and charm.

Sicily boasts stunning beaches, beautiful resorts and rich and extraordinary cuisine that seems specifically designed for lovers. When visiting, here are places lovers can’t miss:

Siracusa – One of the Sicily’s richest historical points with Greek theatres, Roman amphitheaters and the ruins of the temple of Athena. It overflows with Greek history, culture, and architecture.

Palermo – Sicily’s capital city is a bustling mecca of ancient architecture, medieval streets and markets.

Catania – Stay in Sicily’s romantic second city, Catania or Taormina while you explore Mt Etna.

Agrigento – Home to some of Sicily’s best Greek ruins (including the nearby Valley of Temples), on the southern coast of the island.

Taormina – Popular beach resort town on eastern coast, also has Greek ruins nearby.

The Aeolian Islands – Visit for the sulphur mud baths, go snorkeling off lava beaches, and hike to active volcanoes.

There’s much to see in Palermo, including the Palatine Chapel, the royal chapel of the Norman kings of Sicily that dates back to 1132 and was built around an older chapel constructed in 1080, and Sicily’s big cities are obvious attractions for their many beautiful churches and monuments. But the smaller towns in Sicily are unequaled for their magnetism. Make your way west from Palermo to Erice, a historic town in the province of Trapani. There, you can see the remains of ancient Elymian and Phoenician walls, castles and a church, and stroll the cobbled medieval hill-town streets, where you’ll pass shops selling ceramics and delicious homemade pastries and cookies. These are the special places lovers search for to make memories.



With an average Summer temperature of over 33 °C, Seville is literally the hottest city in Europe. And though it may lack the cool factor of Barcelona, the cosmopolitan flair of Madrid, or the modern architectural wonders of Bilbao and Valencia, Seville is the most beautiful and seductive of all Spanish cities. Rich in a convergence of landmark architecture and home to the passionate flamenco, bullfighting and the Tapas bar, with its winding backstreets and endless charm, it is the soul of Spain.

Seville was founded as the Roman city of Hispalis, and then called Isbiliya when it was conquered by the Moors in 712 before finally coming to be Seville sometime after. For all its important monuments and fascinating history, though Seville is universally famous for being a location for joy and love. It is the largest town in Southern Spain, the city of Carmen, Don Juan and Figaro.

One step into Seville and you immediately know you are in Spain, but you are not in Barcelona or Madrid. Seville lies on the banks of the beautiful Guadalquivir River. It is home to the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See, (the Seville Cathedral), the largest Gothic cathedral in the world. And its La Garida, is one of the three remaining Almohed minarets in the world. The Alcázar Palace is stunning Mudejar architecture with marvelous gardens. The city abounds in other riches including: Casa de Pilatos, Torre del Oro, the Archive of the Indies, a Fine Arts Museum, plus convents, parish churches and palaces.

All of this adds up to a visual delight for those seeking to find an amorous mood. But, there is even more. You can get lost and found again along a maze of whitewashed streets that meander by flower-decked patios, picturesque plazas and alleys, and tapas bars. Take a horse and carriage ride in Plaza de España and be reminded that this city has been here for more than a thousand years. And watch a sunset from the terrace of a three hundred years old country Inn.

Seville is the type of place where you can do nothing and still have the time of your life. Its exotic old school splendor and endless charm of Seville, together with the beauty and variety of its surroundings create the perfect environment for romance.

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