Let’s go Greek!

If you are looking for somewhere different to go or somewhere a little off the usual tourist beaten track, then a Greek Island holiday could be just what is needed. Long considered the birthplace of modern society and civilisation as we know it, Greece is a beautiful country but unless you know where to look, much of its hidden beauty may well go undiscovered for thee is much more to Greece than at first meets the eye…

Amorgos is a picturesque island, the most easterly of all the Greek Cyclades, featured most famously in Luc Besson’s film, The Big Blue.

It is also one of the most remote and yet most beautiful of the Greek Islands, totally unspoilt with mountains reaching a height of 821m. A totally relaxed paradise, Amorgos is extremely popular with bird watchers or those who enjoy hiking with stunning views and clear, blue waters that stretch for miles.

Walking guides to the island are readily available and there are lots of historic chapels to visit as well as some largely unexcavated sites that date back to Roman times and beyond. Amorgos is also host to the monastery of Hozoviatissa’ built into the cliff-face and one of the island’s most famous attractions with its view that looks out over the ocean. Truly a visit to this island is not to be missed.

But if all that is not to your fancy, then the island of Anti-Paxos could well be your solution, accessible readly on a day trip either from neighbouring Paxos or even Corfu. One of the smaller Greek islands, Anti Paxos is largely uninhabited except for the families who tend the many vineyards there.

With two beautiful beaches and even clearer, blue waters –that are just perfect for swimming, snorkelling and diving- the island even closer resembles paradise and is a perfect, unspoiled landscape in which to escape to.

Wine from the island can be bought from neighbouring Paxos or from one of the many Taverna or little cafes around the island and is really worth sampling along with the local delights.

One other location that remains a closely guarded secret but that is also worth checking out is the fishing town of Sivota on the island of Lefkada. This is a small settlement largely untouched by European tourists and is quiet, tranquil and relaxed during the day; only really coming alive after dusk, in the evening hours, when you can enjoy lots of authentic food and Greek culture in the many restaurants and tavernas. Sivota is a very popular destination with the Greek people so if you want to mix with the locals, then this is a perfect opportunity to do so!

So, if you’re looking for an exciting new Greek Island destination to try next year, why not consider Amorgos, Anti-Paxos or Sivota?

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