Top 5 Attractions Not to Miss in Germany

Top 5 Attractions Not to Miss in Germany

When people visit continental Europe, cialis they often try to tick off as many countries as possible. However, this travelling strategy generally means you miss out on some of the best attractions countries offer. Germany is a place with such a wealth of natural and cultural offerings that it is impossible to explore fully in just a few days. For a fulfilling German holiday, you need to give yourself sufficient time.


Most people think that Oktoberfest is just an excuse for German people to participate in a debauched drinking affair. Although excessive litres of beer are imbibed, the festival is primarily a celebration of German culture. Many people miss out on the full Oktoberfest experience because they don’t speak German. If you want to impress proud Germans clad in Bavarian attire, then it might be a good idea to look into the German courses London offers before leaving the UK. Even speaking basic German will mean you can make some new friends while on your trip.


The Weimar district is the cultural hub of Germany. Since Goethe’s arrival in the 1900s, the area has attracted the country’s intellectual elite. Today, visitors can peruse the history of German culture by visiting the wide array of museums dedicated to Germany’s literary, music and artistic geniuses.

Romantic Road

The Romantic Road in the south of the country offers the quintessential German experience. Featuring cobbled streets, medieval structures and excellent dining options, this area is often listed as a tourist favourite. Every block along this scenic route offers a unique photographic opportunity that will leave your friends in awe when you return home.

Black Forest

Germany’s landscape isn’t limited to man-made wonders, and the Black Forest stands as testament to the country’s natural beauty. The western reaches of the Black Forest stretch to the French border, and French is as commonly spoken as German in the area. Many tourists battle to gain assistance in English, and this makes it important to brush up on your foreign language skills before visiting the Black Forest. If your German or French is a little rusty, look into taking a refresher course with a school such as St George International. On St Georges French courses London students can get a good grasp of the language before a trip to the area. Remember that language proficiency makes travel much more enjoyable.

Berlin Wall

Of all the tourist attractions in Germany, few carry the emotive force of the Berlin Wall. It stood for almost 30 years as a dividing line between capitalism and communism, and today the ruins remind us of the strength of the human spirit. This is a definite must-see for tourists who enjoy history.

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