Escaping Winter With A Trip To Provence, France

Provence is one of the most charming regions to live in. It is located South of France and a favorite holiday destination. It is quite the opposite of Marseilles as it is one of France’s wealthiest regions. The region is highlighted by age old traditions, find delectable wine, shop scrumptious local delicacies, unhealthy and a colorful countryside. On top of that, Provence too has a sunny weather which you’ll surely love. It makes a great destination for escaping the cold winter season back home.

If you’re looking for a luxurious place to spend your holidays, most Provence villas are in Luberon. Luberon is a mountain range situated at the very heart of the region. Staying in this part of the region will bring you closer to vast fields of lavender, sunflower, and olive groves. Luberon also has an advantage when it comes to altitude, allowing staying visitors to admire the rest of the region from there.

Located just nearby is the historical town of Gordes with beautiful buildings built on top of cobblestone streets. South east of Luberon is Avignon and right beside it is yet another charming town, Arles. It is this place where Van Gogh spent much of his time painting for ochre walled villages and lush hills caught his eye. If you’re looking for awe inspiring sights as Van Gogh did, perhaps staying in one of the French villas of Arles is an idea you should entertain.

In addition to the typical country charm that Provence possesses, the region is also marked by amazing architecture. If you visit Var, you will find many structures there which are styled after Medieval and Romanesque architecture. Var also has numerous seaside resorts where you can spend your days before seeking respite in your villa. Provence truly is a destination that will never disappoint you this upcoming winter season.

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