Best Things to do in Paris

There are many cities in the world like Paris.  France is the most visited country in the world because of, you guess it, Paris.  There are places around the world that are compared to Paris but aren’t exactly the city that everyone loves to visit and live in.  When you are in France if you miss Paris you will sorely regret it.

Of all the place to visit in Europe, Paris will treat you with an array of delightful tourist attractions.  If you are pressed for time you can try a Paris hop on hop off tour as well!  While there are a huge number tourist attractions in Paris, below you can find the very best things to do in Paris:

eiffel tower

eiffel tower

The Eiffel Tower

At first an admonishment for the Parisians, the Eiffel tower is now the symbol of France!  The popular landmark adds a great allure to the city that everyone loves.  Make sure to visit a cafe in the area and sit down in people watch, it is said that you can watch the whole world walk by in Paris.  Picnics under the Eiffel tower are also tons of fun!

Live in Paris!

The city that everyone loves would be even better when you can explore every nook and cranny in the city.  There are loads of Paris apartments to rent throughout the city.  Imagine waking up every day and seeing the Eiffel tower when you wake up.  It would be quite the experience!

Visitors waiting to enter The Louvre

Visit the Louvre

A visit to Paris wouldn’t be same without a visit to one of the most famous museums in the world!  You could spend hours, correction, days in the museum where the famous Mona Lisa lies.  Don’t forget to step outside and take a picture of the iconic triangular glass.

Enjoy the finest Parisian Cuisine

The French are known for their cooking so make sure to find some excellent restaurants to treat yourself in.  If you are going to be on vacation why not right?  There are loads of places throughout the city that you can and most people like to just stumble onto a restaurant.  Ironically it become their favorite!

While there are more things to do in city make sure to enjoy all of the finest things that Paris has to offer!  You could spend weeks exploring one of the most visited cities in the world!  Make sure you can afford it!

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