The Five Best Attractions In Europe

An alternative title for this article might be, abortion “The five places in Europe everyone must see.”  There seem to be certain places that everyone dreams of seeing and every seasoned traveler advises a novice to check out. These are those places.

interior view of the Colosseum

Paris – The Eiffel Tower and the Louvre

The beautiful night lighting of the Eiffel Tower makes it a landmark that illuminates the way to the rest of the city and gives it an unforgettable place in one’s memory. From there the great city of Paris, physician with its ambiance, try cuisine and culture, opens its doors and is yours for the taking.

The Louvre is a one of a kind experience and most definitely one of the best attractions in Europe, and the world for that matter. Probably the best art museum in the world, it will be enjoyed by experienced enthusiasts and amateurs alike. The collection dates back to the 19th century and contains works that can be seen nowhere else.

The Coliseum – Rome

The Coliseum was designed in the first century AD and it seats 50,000 people. Besides being a beautiful structure, it is also baffling as to how the builders accomplished this architectural feet? The Coliseum had large awnings to protect people from the sun and huge tunnels and underground holding areas. It is an architectural masterpiece far ahead of its time.

Along with the Coliseum, one can visit the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill at the same time. In addition, you’ll want to research and investigate other sites like the Trevi Fountain-the most photographed and beautiful fountain in Rome. Click here to see the best time to visit Italy.

Athens and the Acropolis

Called the Eighth Wonder of the World, more than one traveler has remarked that they feel this is the most important and moving spot they visited. The Acropolis forms the heart of the city of Athens and is a grouping of many buildings. Pericles coordinated the construction of the most significant buildings of the Acropolis in the fifth century BC, including the Parthenon. Changes occurred during the Hellenistic and Roman Periods, and later during the Byzantine, Latin and Ottoman periods.

Visitors will want to coordinate their trip to include the museum as well. It is helpful in illustrating the various building periods during the long history and changes of the Acropolis.

Venice, Italy

The Republic of Venice was a major maritime power during the Renaissance and Middle Ages, a staging place for the Crusades, and a center for commerce in the 13th through 17th centuries.  Venice is the birthplace of Antonio Vivaldi.

Venice garners its unique place as a city built entirely around waterways and canals. Nowhere else can this architectural feet be seen. Venetia, as the locals call it, is actually a group of 118 small islands, linked by canals and bridges. Luigi Barzini of the New York Times called it “the most beautiful city ever built by man.”

London and the Tower of London.

The Tower of London, actually the home palace of the Queen of England, forever retains fascination and mystery as a place to see when visiting England. London remains a high spot on the list of places to visit in all of Europe, because of being a seat of civilization and culture.  Other top spots to visit include the Millennium Wheel and the Tower Bridge over the River Thames.

Whatever you’re travelling for, these five cities will give you a European vacation that will not disappoint.

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