5 reasons why taking a family holiday in France is a great idea

The French Riviera is a great place to go on a family holiday in France ... photo by CC user 91748271@N00 on Flickr

We’re already heading for that wonderful time of the year when winter woes are left far behind and that once-distant summer holiday is practically on your doorstep. That being said, there’s still plenty of time left to decide where to take the family this year if you haven’t already – especially if you’ve been mulling a quick hop over to the continent.

Over recent years, France has really come into its own as a truly world-class family holiday destination with so much more to offer than most. So, if you’re looking for that little final push before going ahead and making a booking, here’s a quick look at five reasons why France is an absolute winner for families:

Control Costs

First of all, take the ferry to France using a reputable ferry company like Brittany Ferries – take the family, the family car and all the gear you can possibly carry (bikes included!) and you’re immediately looking at one of the most cost-effective holidays imaginable. When held alongside the comparable costs of flying pretty much anywhere coupled with transfers, car hire and all other such bits and pieces, the immediate savings you could make on transport alone are quite spectacular.

Ease of Access

Then of course there’s the fact that France is literally on the UK’s doorstep. What’s amazing is the way in which you can be there in a matter of hours from so many of the UK’s southerly towns and cities, yet the culture and general wonders of the place could not be more different than those back home. Getting the whole family from one place to another using airlines and the like can be a logistical nightmare – taking the car over the Channel to France by contrast is both a piece of cake and a joy.

So Much to Explore

It’s impossible to put the magic of France into words – it’s just something you have to feel for yourself. Suffice to say however that no matter what it is that fits the bill for you and family, you’ll find it within easy reach. From the bustling streets of Paris to the incredible beaches of Brittany and everything in-between, it’s a case of dreaming up your most idyllic family holiday and watching it come to life over and over again, day after day.

Incredible Edibles

Of course, you cannot talk about the delights of France without bringing the nation’s famous cuisine into the equation. From the most decadent seafood along the coasts to the five-star restaurants of Paris and the truly inspiring bakeries you’ll pick up the aromas of long before you see them, it’s a true foodie Heaven for adults and kids of all ages.

Flawless Flexibility

Last but not least, it’s always worth remembering that when you take the car along with you for a holiday to France, you bless yourself and the family with limitless flexibility. This means the freedom to go anywhere you want at any time you like, allowing you to build your own 100% unique holiday of exploration the likes of which you’ll be dreaming of for life. 

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