Combining Passions: Sport and Travel!

If you love sports, cost then what better way to travel than to combine it with your favourite sporting event? There are incredible sports events going on around the world every month. You just have to decide what you want to see most and organise how to get there.

Some are easier to achieve than others. For example, look you may love football, but the chances of getting tickets for the games in Brazil during this year’s FIFA World Cup are pretty non-existent now. Similarly, if you wanted to watch the Wimbledon men’s tennis final this June you’d have to be prepared to part with a lot of cash or have got a ticket through the public ballot that allocates tickets randomly to people who have put their ‘name in the hat’. You still have to pay the face value though.

football players

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t go to Wimbledon to watch in person; you can always join The Queue on the day you want to go to get one of those tickets allocated on the day. Get there early though! Wimbledon is the longest-running of all the tennis grand slams and is the only one of the big four to be played on grass. There’s a great sense of tradition within the grounds and people go as much to soak up the atmosphere as they do to watch the tennis. Once inside the grounds you can move around the outer courts as you choose, and watch the big matches on Centre Court and Court Number One on big screens. And if you’re really lucky, you’ll be there on one of those hazy summer days rather than one of the days where rain stops play! You can get an early bet on one of the favourites at As the time of writing, Djokovic is favourite, followed by Murray, Nadal and Federer – who is going for his eighth Wimbledon title this year.

Golf is another sport that draws crowds in their thousands. Take your pick of which Major to go to – whether the British Open, the PGA Championship, the Masters or the US Open.

As for horse racing, you can take your pick of big races to go and see in person. In the States, there’s the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes. It’s every trainer’s ambition to train a horse to win all three, but only eleven horses have ever achieved this, the last to do so in 1978.

In the UK, the big races that you could include in a trip to the country include the Cheltenham Gold Cup in March, the Grand National in Aintree in April, and the Ascot Gold Cup in June.

The other way to approach combining sports with your travel plans is to go and watch local events wherever you are. For example, it wouldn’t feel right not to go and see a Chicago Cubs game while you were in Chicago, or catch a Yankees game in New York. Whatever way you do it, combining watching some great live sport while you’re on a trip will mean that you have even better memories to bring home with you.


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