Dreaming of Europe? Book Your Next City Getaway Now and Save Big


Imagine sipping port wine in Lisbon, clubbing in London or reveling in the works of Verdi at the Prague State Opera, and you’ll find that we are living in a world of its own. Europe is a charismatic melting pot of culture and history – a place where modern trends of the new world cleverly mix with old traditions. Gushing with award-winning restaurants, some of the world’s best festivals and a throbbing nightlife, Europe is truly the beating heart of the Northern Hemisphere.

Travel planning has been proven to ease the so-called January blues and what better way to start the year than with the anticipation of a great trip ahead.

January also happens to be a great time to make travel arrangements as post Christmas deals are in. For 2017, one of the best offers we recently came across is the Corinthia Hotels Annual Sale that promises to knock 50% off of your entire stay in some of their most popular destinations in Europe when booking directly though their website. These amazing destinations include Malta, Budapest, Lisbon, Prague, and St Petersburg. Although, if you’re headed to London this year, you will get 30% off of your stay. By booking online at corinthia.com, you will also be rewarded with some additional amazing perks, such as complimentary room upgrades, extended check-outs, and discounts in its world-class restaurants and bars.

Corinthia Hotels is a family of five-star hotels established in Malta 48 years ago and their reputation as a leading luxury hotel chain in Europe has a history just as long. Their flagship Corinthia Hotel London stands out as a genuinely impressive piece of art, perfectly renovated to dignify the building’s old history and overlooking the iconic London Eye. If you haven’t visited it yet, now is the time, even if it’s just to pop in for a drink or a meal in one of their modern, award-winning restaurants or bars.

Trying to pick your favourite European city is a lot like having to choose a favourite candy bar from a shop that sells dozens of flavours – a real challenge. Luckily enough, whichever you choose, you are in for an amazing adventure that does not lack beauty, culture, nor fun.

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