7 Versions of the Perfect Beach in Cyprus

Is this the perfect beach in Cyprus?

The term ‘perfect beach’ depends on the personal taste and predisposition of each individual visitor. While one may seek a secluded bay where the only sounds heard are produced by the wading waters and the tree leaves on the breeze, others enjoy long, crowded sandy beaches offering all kinds of activities and exclusive treatments. Some prefer the convenience of an easily accessed seaside; others look for the magically clear waters reached at the end of an hour-long walk in the countryside. Whatever your impression of a perfect beach is, you’ll find it listed here.

1.    Aphrodite’s Rock and Beach, Paphos

According to Pliny the Elder, the renowned painter Apelles depicted in a magnificent way the rise of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, from a scallop shell at a sea shore near Paphos. Although this painting is lost, the same theme has been depicted by Botticelli in the 1480’s. Scallop shell or not, ask any local for the birthplace of Venus and they’ll direct you to this beautiful pebble beach with its dramatic massive rocks in the sea. Perhaps one of the most photographed sea shores, this is where every girl lives the dream of ‘emerging from the sea’ in a godly manner… Even when it’s windy and the sea isn’t calm, the westward view from this spot is absolutely worth a stop while driving between Limassol and Paphos; and during the sunset, this simply becomes a huge understatement.

 2.    Konnos Bay, Ayia Napa

At the opposite end of the island lays a sandy beach waiting to be discovered. And it is visited every year, not only by the residents, but also every tourist. It’s yet another colorful display of wonderful scenery: golden sand, emerald water, light blue sky, vivid greenery and pale earth. No wonder Konnos Bay is packed in summer time!

There’s something for every type of person here: the sea is ideal for swimming, practically always calm; the beach is amazing, whether you want to lay back on a sun bed and relax or build a memorable sand castle; the café offers nice drinks and a prime viewpoint. Definitely one of the most picturesque locations on the island.

3.    Lara Bay, Akamas Peninsula

Tired of packed places, mainstream destinations, anything that relates to civilisation? Then leave the easy destinations for the crowds and set off for an adventure in nature: the way to Lara Bay may not be the easiest, but it’s very rewarding. Crossing the magnificent Akamas Peninsula park , the landscape is simply spectacular: there are paths that lead to interchanging panoramic views of the sea and sea shore, forested hills, even a gorge! The roads through and around the park are usually travelled by SUVs and buggies, as this area is the focus of safari tours – yet another fact pointing to the location’s high natural beauty and interest.

However coarse the path, the destination is worth it: a long sandy beach with beautiful turquoise waters, and practically no human constructions around! This is certainly not a choice for beach club frequenters, but if an undisturbed paradise is your thing, do not miss Lara bay. Nevertheless, do try not to keep away from the main residents of the area: green and loggerhead turtles use the beach to nest.

4.    Porto Pomos, Pomos

Chrysochous bay may be described as the antagonist to the crowded and modern strips of the island’s southern shores. It is an area of exquisite natural beauty and cute picturesque towns, like Latchi, Poli and Pomos. This is no place for the timid, common tourist; one must really want to discover hidden treasures to appreciate this original, raw corner of the island. It’s like a trip in the past. The saying ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’ could actually be the motto of this remote area and its towns. This is a must for everyone who wants to take a look beyond the usual ‘international’ front of tourist facilities. In consistence with the general character of the area, Porto Pomos is simple but fulfilling, relatively small but by no means negligible. 

5.    Nissi Beach, Ayia Napa

On the other hand, vacation on an island also means having a great time among a lot of other fun loving, partying tourists! So if you get enough of the picturesque, remote and romantic, return to the beach where it all happens: Nissi Beach in Ayia Napa. Yes, it’s yet another amazingly majestic strip of sand, but that’s probably the last of the things that attract its visitors (which is not to say that the near-white sand there is not amazing). In summertime, the beach is the rendezvous point for beautiful, active, young party-goers, trying their best to have fun. Water sports are undoubtedly available; like being pulled by a speed boat while hanging 50 meters over the sea, tied on a parachute. Or simply having a game of rackets. And no one worries about getting thirsty or bored: the beach bars offer any desirable snack or beverage may be desired, which is much appreciated by all the dancers moving tirelessly to the sound of the latest beats. Everything’s there; as long as it’s fun, you’ll find it at Nissi Beach.

6.    Serena Bay, Protaras

There are also the alternative places, like Serena Bay. Populated mainly by local youths, away from the booming mega-beaches, you will probably not find this bay listed in tourist catalogs. This is a rising ‘gem’: it’s not the most obvious destination, and it’s not big. But a sandy beach surrounded with vibrant green trees reflected in the sea waters is hardly something to skip. The beach bar serves tables scattered among the greenery, as if they’re trying to remain hidden, anonymous. As suggested by its name, it’s a cozy, serene beach… at least when compared to its nearby competitors. No wonder it attracts more people each year. 

7.    Paramali Beach, Avdimou Village, Limassol

Paramali Beach is definitely an attraction for active, athletic visitors; not the casual paragliding one-time enthusiasts, but the seriously athletic type. Not a suitable destination for anyone who wants to just relax by the calm water, because, well, the beauty of the sea there is that it’s not calm. It’s the opposite: wild, full of waves, and windy. It’s an ideal spot for kitesurfing. With a few kitesurfing schools providing basic instructions and equipment, and a long sandy stretch, it’s probably the safest place to try this aggressive, exciting and somewhat extreme sport. The beach also offers a great spectacle to bystanders, especially in very windy conditions, when many of those fierce surfers fight with the waves and sometimes leap over several of them, while their kites race above them like artificial, colored seagulls. 

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