Mirogoj Cemetery: The Unexpected Beauty of Zagreb

The Croatian capital is one of the most lively cities in the whole of Eastern Europe. Its low prices and wide range of things to do and see make it a perfect destination for those who are looking to experience something a little bit different. Why not see what all the talk is about and rent apartments in Zagreb for your holidays. You will not just discover a beautiful country but also its thrilling capital with fascinating places to see such as the Mirogoj Cemetery.

A cemetery normally would not be at the top of a to-do list of a holiday destination but, curiously enough, that isn’t the case in Zagreb. The Mirogoj Cemetery is one of the city’s most beautiful landmarks and one that cannot be missed during a trip to the Croatian capital.

Mirogoj Cemetery Front

Mirogoj Cemetery Front

The cemetery of Père Lachaise in Paris is famous for having many famous people buried there, not so much for its beauty. Perhaps that would be the only reason as to why anyone would visit a cemetery whilst on holiday in a foreign destination, but the truth is that, in Zagreb, the bustling Croatian capital, there is a cemetery that is well worthy of a visit, for no other reason than for its outstanding beauty.

The Mirogoj Cemetery is, without doubt, one of Zagreb’s most beautiful landmarks. From the outside, you are greeted by walls covered in red leaves crowned by gorgeous cupolas in lime-green colour that, despite their apparent beauty, do not allow the visitor to fully grasp all of it until he is inside. Once passed these walls, the location is jaw-dropping. The main building of the cemetery was designed by the famous Croatian architect Herman Bollé in 1876 and the whole complex was not finished until 1929. The architectural beauty of this place is beyond dispute, with gorgeous arcades in green limestone colour with tiled floors that draw wavy geometrical shapes. The arcades are escorted by columns with carefully carved details and ivy crawls all the way up them to the arches.

The church is also one of the most impressive architectonic works on display here along with the arcades and cupolas but Mirogoj is not only a place to admire architecture but also a nice place to walk and enjoy the beautiful green colours that flood the whole place. Spring and autumn are especially good times to come to Mirogoj as the colours of the plants and leaves make up a beautiful landscape that is especially unique in the evenings when the sun goes down. Also, on October 31st, Croatians go to the graves of their loved ones and put candles there, and the view at night with all the lit candles is one to behold.

This cemetery does not understand about religions as it is the resting place of Christians, Orthodoxes, Muslims, Jews and atheists. Despite it not being a place famous for having celebrities buried there, there are a few famous Croatians that chose Mirogoj as their final resting place, such as former president during the Balkan War Franjo Tudjman and the famous basketball player Drazen Petrovic among many other poets, scientists, writers and politicians, who are mostly buried in the arcades.

This cemetery located at the foot of the Medvenica mountain is truly a joy to behold, a place to enjoy natural beauty, peace and quiet. Whilst it may seem a little macabre, the feeling inside is far from it and it’s a perfect place to get away from the city’s hustle. Many people say that it’s a place where the dead are housed better than they were when alive and that should be taken in a positive way, as this luxurious location would be a dream home for anyone who lived there. It is also like an open-air exhibition, with many works of art, mostly sculptures by some of the country’s top artists, scattered around the whole cemetery.

To get to Mirogoj from the city centre, you need to take bus number 106 or tram number 14 from the city centre, with the cemetery being a mere 15 minutes away.

For more information, visit the official website: http://www.gradskagroblja.hr/

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