Best Time to Visit Slovakia

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A well-planned trip to Slovakia involves a great deal of research, which includes knowing the best time to visit Slovakia.  This landlocked country has a temperate climate with 4 seasons:  spring, summer autumn and winter.  Depending on the location, summers can get pretty hot but still tolerable, while winters can mild, cool, humid and a bit snowy.

The best time to visit Slovakia would depend on where you are going in the country.  The southern region and the lowlands is slightly warmer and summer temperatures can climb to 30 degrees Celsius at the most.  During winter, expect more rain than snow.

In the northern region, on the other hand, especially the mountain areas, the temperature is slightly lower, even on summers when temperatures don’t exceed 25 degrees Celsius.  Winters in the mountains may mean more snow and even lower temperature.

But do be warned:  if you’re planning on a hiking trip to the Slovakian mountains, it’s best to bring the appropriate gear.  The weather here can get pretty unpredictable and it could change dramatically in a matter of minutes!  It could even snow or rain during the summer.  So be prepared and be extra careful.

A good idea is to pick up some travel insurance just in case as well. Direct Travel Insurance is a company that offers well-priced, comprehensive coverage.

Summer time, both in the north and the southern regions of Slovakia, is the peak season, where there’s a huge wave of tourists flocking in from other regions in Europe.  So if you are planning to visit the country at this time, book your flights and hotel accommodations early on and save more as most establishments will take advantage of the high influx of tourists coming in.

Winter time, too, is also considered a peak season as the country becomes a haven for winter sports enthusiasts.

If you’d like to save on your ski trip to Slovakia, it’s best to go here in January, right after New Year so you could take advantage of lower rates in ski resorts.

If you’d like to visit Slovakia on warmer days without necessarily spending much, the best time to visit Slovakia would be August to September, when the weather is still warm and most of the tourists are gone.  You’d also be able to sample the new wines at festivals and wineries.

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