Best Time To Visit Germany

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In knowing the best time to visit Germany, it is important for a traveler to take note of the seasons. What makes Germany a particularly interesting place to travel is that this country looks good in any period of the year.

All seasons have their own advantages that certain travelers can enjoy. It is because of its distinct and diverse climates per season which allows Germany to have an ongoing number of foreign visitors in their country.

Due to the easy access in transportation that all European nations share, various European nationalities will find it easy to arrive at Germany. For many people, Germany’s appeal has a lot to do with its history.

Germany is one of the most prominent nations in the continent with the caliber comparable to France, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom. Given the right season, having a vacation in Germany is an excellent idea.

1. Spring

The spring season is the most moderate of all seasons. For those who are keen about observing the climate pattern, spring is often considered as a transition period. It is around this season that the land is still warming up after a long winter.

It is also around this time of the year where travelers are beginning to notice the rise of some prices in the market. Spring in Germany occurs around the months of March up to June.

2. Summer

For popularity’s sake, the best time to visit Germany is anytime within the summer season. This period is comprised of the months beginning June up to September. According to the local tourism authority, summer is the highlight of many tourist activities.

These months are very festive and there are many public events taking place. However, being in Germany around summer is not only hectic but also expensive. It is best to stay away this time of the year if one decides on saving a lot of expenses.

3. Autumn

Autumn season is pretty much another transition from the peak summer tourist season. The lack of excitement is better compensated with the calm climate that commands more serenity with its picturesque full-bloom natural outdoors. It is during this time of the year that wine-connoisseurs will have the time of their lives joining the various wine festivals.

While the rest of the country prepares for winter, the city of Munich is celebrating Oktoberfest. This city is very loud and overcrowded during autumn and the prices are going to hike considerably. Autumn begins at August and ends around early December.

4. Winter

Some people may imagine winter as an oppressive season and truly, its temperature can go beyond freezing point. But this period is also the best time to visit Germany. Winter is quite unique because it is only during this period where tourism peaks and slows down.

The rise of tourism activities occur around the Christmas and New Year holidays. But in ordinary days, winter sports are the only thing that takes away the gloom. Winter occurs around December to March.

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3 Responses to “Best Time To Visit Germany”

  1. Renuka
    February 1, 2014 at 2:43 am #

    So that makes Germany a destination for all seasons. Isn’t it? 🙂 I am eagerly excited to witness its Christmas fun and frolic – the glitzy Christmas markets.

    • Michelle
      February 5, 2014 at 9:02 am #

      You got it Renuka!


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