Best Family Holiday Destinations to Enjoy with Kids

treat serif”>It is that time of the year to get your whole family out for a holiday vacation, doctor ideally to places the kids would never forget in their lifetime. While there are thousands of places to go as a family, only a few destinations can really offer something great for parents and children alike. So, obtain the right family travel insurance, and plan your next trip to some of the best family holiday destinations below.

Denmark is one of the Best Family Holiday Destinations in the world...


Denmark is one of the Europe’s most popular destinations for a holiday with kids. First of all, Copenhagen, the country’s capital is one of the happiest places on Earth. This positive vibe is great for the whole family. There is so much to see and do while in the country one of which is to catch a glimpse of Andersen’s Little Mermaid. You can then go to Tivoli Gardens for the fairground rides the kids will surely love. It is not just the rides really but also the legacy of Tivoli Gardens which has entertained children since 1843. Families can also enjoy the sights in Christiania where street murals are everywhere and good, organic food abound. Perhaps the highlight of the trip to Denmark as far as the children are concerned is a visit to Legoland, an amusement park by the toy company Lego. It is filled with multicolored structures and Lego “worlds”. Kids will have a blast here and parents can just appreciate the scale of this place.


Oman is not as well-known as its neighbor, the United Arab Emirates, but it has a lot of things for your family to enjoy. One of the first activities you can do when you arrive in the country is to enjoy the city of Muscat, a seaside town that has the undeniable Persian charm your whole family will surely love. There are a lot of child friendly resorts here making it a practical destination for families. After a short trip around Muscat you can then go for a camel trekking adventure with the whole family. With the help of local tour guides you can have your own Bedouin-style camping in the middle of the dessert. You can also enjoy the wonderful beaches in Sharkiya region and have a short stop at Sur where the Ras al-Jinz turtle reserve is located. This might sound unconventional but it is definitely worth the try for your family holidays.


Fiji is a group of islands in the Southern Pacific that boasts amazing scenery, breathtaking beaches, and a lot of child friendly resorts that elevate the standard of family vacations. There are luxurious family holiday packages that come with nannies for each of your kids. Fiji Islands Resort is one of the most popular tourist destinations here and for very good reasons. You can be sure your kids are entertained so that they can really enjoy their time while in the islands. Parents can then opt to have some luxury relaxation with spa treatments that are beyond world class. The people here love kids and that is why it is an ideal vacation destination for families, even those who have young kids.

The time spent with your family is invaluable for every member of it. Common travel memories is a great thing to recollect long afterwards.

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