Awesome Tourist Attractions in Hungary Not to Miss!

Buda Castle in Budapest, Hungary

The diversity of top tourist attractions in Hungary is what makes it interesting for travelers. Beyond that, it is a country with a rich culture that is easily accessible from many parts of Europe via plane, train, bus and now even through family friendly European river cruises.

It won’t take a heartbeat to understand why it’s one of the most popular destinations on the planet. The following attractions will make you further understand why Hungary is fast becoming one of the hottest European destinations.

#1: Buda Castle

Situated in Budapest, Buda Castle is the most easily recognizable structure in the city. Since its construction in 1265, it has undergone several additions and reconstructions, turning it into the grand palace that it is today. Buda Castle houses the National Art Gallery and Historical Museum so you definitely shouldn’t miss it. Buda Castle features a Baroque-style architecture and takes a couple of days to fully explore.

#2: Lake Balaton

People also call it the “Hungarian Sea”. It is the largest lake in the region and one of the top tourist attractions in Hungary. Balaton is a freshwater lake bordered by mountains on one side and a more touristy resort on the other.

#3: Fisherman’s Bastion

This site was built in 1905 and designed by Frigyes Schulek. It is comprised of seven towers believed to commemorate the seven Magyar tribes who settled in the country in 896 AD. The combination of Romanesque and Gothic architecture turn Fisherman’s Bastion into a fairytale-like scene. Apart from architecture, people also visit because of the wonderful views it offers.

#4: St. Stephen’s Basilica

This neoclassical building in Budapest dates back to 1905 but took half a century to complete. It is a Roman Catholic Basilica that houses the mummified fist of King Stephen I who also happens to be the church’s patron. St. Stephen’s Basilica stands 96 meters tall and is one of the two tallest buildings in Budapest. Its bell weighs 9 tons and can be heard for miles.

#5: Aggtelek and Slovak Karst

These karst caves span between Hungary and Slovakia for more than 55,000 hectares. UNESCO included it in their list of World Heritage Sites. In total, the karst consists of more than 700 caves. It’s one of the top tourist attractions in Hungary, making it a must-see on your European tour!

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