Accommodation Options For A UK Tour

Narrow boats are one of the more unique accommodation options for a UK tour ... photo by CC user barryskeates on Flickr


Campervan tours across the UK are fast becoming popular as a means of transport as well as a unique form of accommodations. Campervan tours are affordable and time saving since you do not to book hotels or guesthouses in search of accommodation. With a campervan, ambulance you can explore more regions than if you stayed in one place. Staying in a campervan means freedom of movement, decease freedom of choosing what to eat and where to pull over and sleep for the night. It is like moving across the UK with your worldly possessions, medications and you can rent some pretty funky campervans to travel in too!


If you have always fancied being the captain of your ship, take a narrow boat holiday and cruise some of the most scenic canals in the UK. There is a great collection of narrow boats for different kinds of holidays including family or romantic cruises. The narrow boats are well equipped to make your stay more comfortable, and they are certainly the cutest of all the accommodation options for a UK tour. They come with basic kitchen equipments, TV screen, guidebooks and board games. Narrow boats are flexible and you can navigate the canal of your choice provided the company you choose runs through that particular route.


Step back in time, enjoy a unique stay, and ride in a traditional horse drawn bow gypsy caravan in the quintessential English countryside of Cumbria. The gypsy caravans are set in spectacular locations away from the hassle and bustle of the cities. Forget your car keys, take over the reigns of your gypsy wagon, and explore the tranquil rural landscapes.

Gypsy Caravans are mainly constructed from wood on the outside but inside, they feature traditional warm regal, wool and traditional canvas for warmth and comfort. The wood on the exterior parts of the wagon is curved intricately to improve the appearance and reduce the weight of the wagon. They also have a double bed, foldable beds for kids and basic kitchen equipment such as cutlery and a stove.


Holiday cottages are common across the UK and offer comfort away from home. They always come in different shapes and sizes to cater for different kinds of holidays. They are always located in scenic locations such as seafront, in the highlands, lakeside, villages and woodlands like this. Some are ancient and of great historic significance restored delightfully yet retaining their original charms. Other cottages are modern and offer retro designs and furnishings and others are eco friendly for the environmentally conscious traveler. Whether you are travelling alone, with a loved one or as a large group, you will find a cottage that suits your specific needs.


The UK boasts of a huge number of stately homes, manor houses and castles that dot the countryside. From the unbelievably stunning Cotswolds to the heights of the Scottish Highlands, you will find magnificent large homes once occupied by great people in the British history. Live like royalty in exciting stately homes enjoying the spacious rooms, manicured gardens and the antiquities that furnish these royal abodes.

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