A Trip Around The Baltic Region

The Baltic Region refers to countries that surround the Baltic Sea, generic an inland sea in Northern Europe. Denmark, here Estonia, treat Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, and Sweden are all part of it. Many of the countries in the region were involved in the Hanseatic League, an economic alliance that lasted for four long centuries. All this may sound boring to you but you’d be surprised by just how diverse the Baltic Region is.

Denmark is home to many fine palaces and castles. One of them is the Kronborg Castle in Elsinore. Made popular by Shakespeare’s Hamlet, it is even more beautiful in real life. The impressive castle guards the Baltic Sea’s main route and is a highlight in many Baltic cruises. Germany which is just south of Denmark has a lot of stunning architectural landmarks too. One of the country’s most scenic castles is Neuschwanstein Castle which has a fairytale appearance. Also in Germany is the walled medieval city of Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

On the east of Germany is Poland, yet another great country to travel to when in the Baltic Region. Cities like Krakow and Warsaw are where you’ll find many historical buildings with intricately detailed architecture. Up north are more Baltic Region countries like Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Finland. Cruise ships that travel along the area stop over these countries too for their medieval castles. Estonia is an exception because apart from medieval ruins, the country also has natural attractions, one of them being the Jagala Falls.

Also north of Poland, actually, way up north is Russia. The country has a unique, Ecclesiastical architecture which you won’t see anywhere else in the Baltic Region. You can see this even while aboard a Baltic cruise ship. Further inland, natural sceneries await exploring tourists. Acid lakes, volcanoes, and geysers are just some of them.

Last among the Baltic Region countries is Sweden. Of all the countries in the area, Sweden offers the most outdoor activities for leisure. There, you can go hiking, canoeing, cycling, skating, and skiing depending on the time of the year. The country also has pre industrial architecture which is unique to it.

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