What to do in 24 hours in San Sebastian, Spain

24 hours in San Sebastian does not seem like enough, but we will help you make the most of your time ... photo by CC user Nikopol on wikipedia commons

Find yourself rushed during the course of your travels through Spain, but have a chance to visit San Sebastian? Take it, as this gorgeous and wild beach town will steal your heart, even if you only have time for a mere taste.

Rent a surfboard and go for a rip on the waves

Of all the coastal resorts in Spain, San Sebastian is revered for its active swells; take advantage of them by renting a surfboard and heading out into the frothy water.

Even if you haven’t tried this sport before, take advantage of the many surf schools in town, which will help you pick up a new sport on your brief time there. Put in a call to one the night before if possible so make sure everything is arranged for the following morning.

Go for a short trek to the Christ statue between San Sebastian’s two main beaches

After your time in the water, head back to your accommodation to change out of your swim wear, and once you have a bite to eat at a tapas bar, continue your physical day in San Sebastian by going for a hike to the headland between its two main beaches.

It only takes an hour to reach the top at a leisurely pace, and there’s even a bar along the way where you can grab a drink to refresh your spirit!

Check out the San Sebastian Cathedral

If you’d rather spend your afternoon exploring this city’s culture, make San Sebastian Cathedral the one place that you visit during your short stay. Built in the Neo Gothic style, this impressive structure contains one of the largest organs in Europe, and its stained glass is also something that is well worth the effort of coming here to enjoy.

Go clubbing (just don’t forget to set your alarm before head out)

Finally, San Sebastian has one of the biggest reputations in Europe when it comes to partying. Though you may need to be up at a specific hour to carry on to your next destination, make time during the evening to check out a bar or two in this town’s core.

If you want to sample the wildest party in town, check out Batapl├ín. Seeing how it hits its stride after 2 am, make sure you don’t oversleep the next day.

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