Top Things To Know About Visiting El Salvador

The top things to know about visiting El Salvador is a prerequisite for those who are looking to spend time in this Central American country considering how different it is from the western and eastern side of the world. Yes, it does have a similar heritage to some of the nations that were founded by the Europeans. However, it has developed quite uniquely from its peers and as such, extends a different cultural characteristic from them. Of course, there’s the geographical and ecological inconsistencies which you should also be aware of. And then, you’ll also have to pay attention to directions so you don’t get lost as you’re navigating to and from the tourist attractions you want to visit.

Tazumal Ruins in Santa Ana, El Salvador

Tazumal Ruins in Santa Ana, El Salvador

On the list of the top things to know about visiting El Salvador is the historical highlights of the country.  Every guest should be able to appreciate the country’s identity forged as far back as 1500 BC. Mayan ruins at Tazumal should provide an insight into the life and industry of these prehistoric settlers. And if the name should give any clue on the matter, it should also enlighten you on the grim aspects of their existence (Tazumal means “the place where the victims were buried). There are ancient artifacts excavated in the area that suggest an existing trade relationship between the country, Panama and Mexico, even before the Westerners came. And there are also tombs, water drainage systems and minor palaces you could visit during your arrival.

There is another antiquated structure you should see when you are in El Salvador but this is related to another aspect of the country’s history. The Cathedral of Saint Anne is an old neo-Gothic religious structure in Santa Ana that is designed in Spanish Colonial Style. Parts of it were shipped from the Netherlands during 1949 to complete its form and function.

Now, in addition to the given, another one on the top things to know about visiting El Salvador as far as tourism goes is access to the refreshing beach attractions of the country. San Miguel is a city that offers tourists a warm, subtle climate accentuated by beaten paths and sandy shores. It is less developed that San Salvador, the capital. But it offers everything a person would need for an enjoyable vacation. Go swimming, snorkeling and boating in Playa Las Flores, El Cuoco, Playa El Esteron or Intipuca Beach. You could get ere through the Pan-American highway. Directions are available en route.

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    I love el salvador!! i remember hire a group transportation service to travel and visit Mayan ruins!!

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